• A Dream

    Today, I woke up smiling,
    The dream I recall not darling,
    But if it was not about you,
    I wouldn't wake up with this hue... more »

  • A Rose And A Blade Of Grass

    When rain falls to the ground
    from the skies,
    Its the Heavens kissing the
    Earth,... more »

  • A Rose With Three Colours

    If at all love travels faster than light
    And is always a thing of destiny,
    Then by all means it is before first sight,
    Before first din be it huge or tiny,... more »

  • A Sonnet For Thine

    Sonnet I

    Broken and fading, I cry from my heart,
    Look at our loves reflection in my tears,... more »

  • Afer She Smiled, A Kiss She Blew Me

    After she smiled, a kiss she blew me,
    Like a woodpecker making her nest
    I heard my heart quake,
    When she turned around and drenched his lips,... more »

  • African Woman

    She awakes at 4 AM,
    A product of her I am,... more »

  • Amit

    I can hear your heart beating out of tune-
    It says not, 'I love you' after three a beat
    But becoming cold like the month of June,
    And I being a man without anty wit... more »

  • Approaching Zero

    Don't be sorry for fracturing my soul
    Though it never again will be whole,
    Loving you is worth the pain,
    I would do it over and over again... more »

  • Asthana

    Darkness lingers, thy day fast approaches,
    Mine tears they crack the grounds of heaven,
    Death doth thee harbor any reproaches;
    The sacred in shadows of thy haven?... more »

  • Awake

    Other men look at her as do I,
    But we see not the same twinkling face,
    What they view is as can see the eye
    And I, beauty that without a trace... more »

  • Broken

    I believed the world was
    'Til I fell off the edge of your
    soul,... more »

  • Calling Yestaday

    A step forward could mean moving on,
    Another-leaving you behind,
    Just yesterday you loved me,
    And promised my hapiness before yours always,... more »

  • Clock, The

    Somebody please, adjust my clock,
    Make it read the correct time again,
    Its doors I will not from you lock
    Nor shall I from your help refrain... more »

  • Complete, The

    I will never look up to the sky again
    With my hands outstreched
    And feel love shining on my face,
    Today my breath only clasps
    the doors of my throat... more »

  • Curius

    In our lives we will kiss people we do not love,
    We will make love and yet think of another,
    We will turn off when we should have turned left,
    We will search for things that do not exist,... more »

  • Dancing In The Rain

    From a distance, perhaps from that mountain;
    Those piano keys beckoned our hearts,
    Our beckon because it was only us dancing,
    Swaying in the rain to a melody only we heard.... more »

  • Darkness

    The epoch I were but only a child,
    In reality I wasn't at all a child,
    What most only heard, I had seen,
    The things they feared, I had been,... more »

  • Day One

    Tis not for lack of words I can't explain
    How I feel- words simply don't exist,
    To wholly express. The sweetest are plain,
    And honey can't compare nor gravity insist,... more »

  • Death

    Pain is not pain that is not
    felt by the heart
    Or when your soul is not torn
    apart,... more »

  • Death And You And I

    I saw her standing over me just before I died,
    Death-she gave out such a bright lovely white light
    She was beautiful! I understood why all life followed her,
    Where had I been not to have met her earlier?... more »

  • Destiny

    Every man makes his own path to follow,
    Some make wide trails and others narrow
    Based pon what they wish to leave behind-
    Narrow roads die soon, wide ones others find,... more »

  • Dream For Sale

    Lets trade dreams you and I,
    I know i'll dream of her-
    I don't want to anymore,
    My heart bled her last drop.... more »

  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    The way you poured into my life like purfume - fearless,
    The way our eyes wrestled setting our hormones on fire - priceless,
    The way our lips clasped making the world disappear - flawless,
    The way we left earth after rolling over her - speechless,... more »

  • Easy Come, Easy Go Ii

    For a moment they thought it would last forever,
    But even strongest of bonds have to sever,
    While it lasted they had eachother whenever,
    It did not matter wherever,... more »

  • Escape Velocity

    When I asked God for a sign-
    Roaring it came, not benign,
    The night I heard the thunder,
    I knew you and I were asunder... more »