• Dead Inside

    Beep Beep Beep
    6: 15 this morning
    God i'm still alive
    Open and closed my eyes... more »

  • Equation For Destruction

    Now I’m a sane person
    I make my own choices
    I followed the instructions
    But I’ve realized... more »

  • How Dare You

    You mistreat me
    Abuse and deceive me
    Made yourself the sole authority
    And from you I harness all this negativity... more »

  • I Break Loose

    I break loose
    Loose from your undignified actions
    I break loose
    Loose from your devilish satisfactions... more »

  • Live This Way

    Now tell me why
    Oh why? We gotta live this way?
    You disgust me... more »

  • Loathe

    I’m tired of you
    Your opinions and views
    Like an empty well
    Your knowledge capabilities... more »

  • Lost

    As I lay down and stare at my misshapen shadow/
    What I could have had/ Lost/
    What I would have had/ Lost/... more »

  • Mind Games

    Who am I?
    Why am I?
    How am I?
    What I have come to be... more »

  • No Tears In Heaven

    Why are there no tears in Heaven?
    Will I forget all my fears in Heaven?
    You walked out of your way
    Wish you could have stayed…In Heaven... more »

  • Quicksand

    You left me in quicksand
    I accept your lies over again
    I’ve tried and I’ve tried
    But you continue just to deny... more »

  • Quicksand Part Ii

    Can’t you go about your business?
    Thinking that my job is to be somebody’s prisoner
    I was fooled once before but now I don’t even miss ya... more »

  • What Good

    What good do my words do
    If they can't move you
    When they
    Frustrate and confuse you... more »

  • Where?

    Where is my sanity?
    Where is my every thing?
    I’ve stolen the sense of feeling
    But lost my emotion and compassionate abilities... more »