• Cupid’s Arrow

    When fletched by cupid’s arrow of love
    a fiery flame lasting and strong
    springs from our heart and soul
    then in an instant we think we have it all,... more »

  • The Artist Must

    The artist must

    He must contrive with the works of God
    He must strive to craft the odd... more »

  • The Bay

    The Bay

    The ruby dusk falls, the horned moon sleeps no more
    and there I stand upon the ocean shore,... more »

  • The Grim Reaper

    O Thanatos,
    Pitiless, awful and hateful towards all
    death bearer and dark Night’s son
    whose heart is cold as ice and hard as bronze,... more »

  • The King And The Maiden

    The King and the Maiden
    Part I... more »