• A Cold Day In The Tower

    The wind is blowing wildly
    And my eyes do fill with tears,
    As a struggling sun shines mildly
    The rocking calms my fears.... more »

  • A Last Lament

    Its almost time, an end draws near
    Footsteps measured, I’m filled with dread
    I write this in the arms of fear
    Must write it now or leave unsaid.... more »

  • An Ode

    I met a dear and old lady
    I wished to know her well,
    Really very sharp and bright
    And feisty you could tell.... more »

  • Anne @ 13

    Lying in my bed
    I came upon a plan,
    That I’d do a little ditty
    For our very, special Anne.... more »

  • Blair And Callum

    BJ and CJ, had a plan
    It was to have as much fun, as they possibly can.
    So BJ and CJ stood at the top of the stair
    BJ said to CJ, let’s make a little dare.... more »

  • Contemplation

    For those of us that are condemned to sit
    And stare unwavering on a distant land,
    Here lets pause and reflect a bit
    And confront the hourglass’s loss of sand.... more »

  • Fags For Slags

    They sat there against the copshop wall
    Their eyes were flat and in its thrall,
    Were Molongs finest, fags in hand
    All in all a desolute band.... more »

  • Firewatch

    For those poor souls
    That are here to watch,
    Vigilance rewarded
    Please don’t botch.... more »

  • Friends In High Places(For Frank)

    Friends in high places
    Now that’s all you need,
    From worries and cares
    And alone, you are freed.... more »

  • Giants Shoulders

    Searching for knowledge far and wide,
    On the shoulders of giants we stand
    To grind to dust our ego and pride.
    The world turns slowly, time is sand... more »

  • Hammock Reminiscing

    I lie here in this hammock, which is, tied from tree to tree
    Just like to lie here thinking things, things of you and me.

    Let the gentle wind, loll past, do what it may please... more »

  • Hometime

    Come on Bathurst, let us go
    A fire tonight, is a no show.
    Let the wind blow, and let it puff,
    Let’s go home and call its bluff.... more »

  • Karen & Lance

    From this day forward,
    There you be.
    Karen and Lance,
    Together and Free.... more »

  • My Special Place

    My special place is my beautiful bed, because it is nice and warm
    And I can forget about my worries.
    When I am scared, worried or in trouble, I always go to my bed
    And lay there, and then softly drift off to sleep.... more »

  • Ode To Joy

    It was out the back of Millthorpe
    In a shed of some repute,
    That I met a lady roustabout
    Very capable and astute.... more »

  • Our Duty

    As Thor and Odin, played above
    The heat did clasp like a giant’s glove
    The mute birds, and their kith and kin
    Could not be heard amid increasing din.... more »

  • Radio Talk

    Fifty one and Fifty two and Forties on the line
    Very hard to understand, the radio type of strine.

    O one to Fifty Ten are on the air as well... more »

  • Roo @ 13

    Dear Karen, we love you so much,
    Sorry your room’s like a rabbit hutch.... more »

  • Roo @ 14

    Rue my rue, you’re not twenty-two
    Nor twenty four or more,
    I suppose by now, its such a cow
    And being thirteen, was quite a bore.... more »

  • Roo @ 15

    MMM! ! Roo is that really you?
    You have seem to have grown so fast,
    Definitely not, short and stout
    But slender like a mast.... more »

  • Roo @ 16

    It’s now your time to share
    Another year with us
    And let us try to spoil you
    And make a special fuss.... more »

  • Rules

    There are rules and regulations, just to occupy this hut
    They add many hassles too, a pain in the butt.
    A hard hat and boots now, that’s not so bad
    Heck if something fell off the top, you would really be glad... more »

  • Stacey @ 14

    O K now, Stacey MM
    It’s your birthday time again,

    Hope you get, lots to eat... more »

  • Stacey @ 15

    Dear Stace,
    I thought I’d do a birthday poem,
    As you’re a special friend of ours,
    And your mum is just too far from home... more »

  • Starry Wishes

    To be lonely as a little speck,
    In the distance far.
    Makes me want to tarry
    And wish upon a star.... more »