• A Calendar Of A Good Weather

    being able to hold your hand. watching the sky
    or news and never getting disappointed. ordering Chinese
    food with one extra rice and celebrating another
    ordinary day in October. being certain. writing you... more »

  • A Dream

    I am dreaming the same dream every night.
    a train departing into foggy twilight,
    separates the juicy green of smudged trees.
    your gaze wanders lingeringly in reflection... more »

  • A Game

    nothing has happened - absolutely
    nothing, except maybe, for this one short breath
    when time spun dust, your words, bringing
    the image of children’s play, suddenly ... more »

  • A Miracle

    and a miracle happened
    on an ordinary day
    on a Monday or maybe a Wednesday
    life happened... more »

  • A Thunderstorm Awakens Ghosts

    a thunderstorm awakens ghosts
    sleeping in the darkening house,
    a wind releasing windows from their frames,
    untying shadows. walls are shivering under... more »

  • A Wild Woman

    she’s glancing at the reflection
    in the mirror, at the same place
    (from the beginning of time and paint) ,
    holding her images even when she’s not... more »

  • About The Oak Table Poem Number Five

    we don’t count days anymore. it is very natural
    to be together, the same as getting wrinkles
    or gray hair. spring sunlight sharpens
    the edges of our faces, making us more aware of time.... more »

  • About The Oak Table Poem Number Four

    you brought me fresh cut flowers
    this morning. the last of this autumn,
    before the first frost. I wish I could
    preserve their scent for winter evenings.... more »

  • About The Oak Table Poem Number One

    we are sitting vis-à-vis at the oak table
    every day. nothing changes
    besides seasons outside. it is going
    to snow today. your eyes smile.... more »

  • About The Oak Table Poem Number Three

    sometimes our house is full of music
    of the summer, bees dancing around
    sunflowers, leaves swishing in the wind.
    we listen to voices from the woods,... more »

  • About The Oak Table Poem Number Two

    it has been raining for nine days.
    evenings extend indefinitely.
    a single candlelight adds a soft touch
    to this room. tranquilizes it.... more »

  • Allow Me To Get Used To It

    Allow me to get used to it
    With thought of separation
    If only for a moment... more »

  • Anniversary

    I have my wish list, hidden under the pillow,
    reread in every deep sleep, memorized by day.
    It’s much more than an old piece of paper
    with crossed out words, silently vanishing.... more »

  • At Night

    At night she thinks
    He is my life.
    He is a cascade and a tree.
    He is the point. He is the dream.... more »

  • Autumn

    One autumn, with more drizzle
    Than any other,
    Your voice cast a spell over me
    Unexpectedly close... more »

  • Castaways

    Unearthly alone
    Wandering gloomily
    Strangers to every city... more »

  • Chatroom

    for you I can be twenty years old,
    with long hair and a sports car.
    you can be a wealthy businessman
    with a ranch in Nevada and a house on Bali.... more »

  • Close-Up

    I have been waiting days for good light
    like this morning when the day is beginning
    to rise, still on the border of shadows and twilight.... more »

  • Conversation

    with you it is
    like taming wild thoughts

    a word trap set up... more »

  • Decision After Breakfast

    I don’t want to be another
    poet, with long hair, wearing
    a baggy sweater, telling the world
    old truths with words so used... more »

  • Deja Vu

    I’m getting trapped in repeatability. always
    the same thoughts, the same moves. maybe it’s
    too late to learn embroidery or cooking, to remember
    new words, pattern of poetry, or your laughter.... more »

  • Desire

    the walls musty from humidity,
    a dreary day
    dusk pushes itself
    under our clothes... more »

  • Emptiness

    Immerse in the liquid crystal
    I swing slowly
    I fall asleep despite restless thoughts
    Shoreless thoughts... more »

  • Entire World

    entire world
    in a still fist... more »

  • Every Fight Is A Foretaste Of Defeat

    every fight is a foretaste of defeat.
    we breathe in dense air from hatred
    cowardice and fear.
    silence falls.... more »