• Defeated Story Poem For M Lady Ernestine

    A yellowed skull, still on display
    above the oaken fire place
    A relic from a by gone day.
    Which it is possible to trace... more »

  • Deja Vu

    I have been here before
    and seen these sights
    along this shore.
    And yet before today
    I have never passed this way.... more »

  • Deja Vu.

    Déjà vu.

    I have been here before
    and seen these sights.... more »

  • Delayed Justice Story Poem

    I fear no foe that I can see
    but rather those who strike by night
    They cloak their acts in secrecy
    because they cannot stand the light.... more »

  • Delayed Reaction For M'Lady Tara

    The grey dawn breaks over the sea
    I watch and wonder wearily,
    Why is it when I close my eyes?
    Then sudden storms of thoughts arise.... more »

  • Deleted By The Author

    I do not KNOW but I suspect.
    The world is not as we accept.
    Reality is mutable,
    we tend to see what we expect.... more »

  • Democracy V Liberty

    The fathers of democracy.
    The ancient Greek philosophers
    were dependent on slavery.... more »

  • Democracy I Beg To Differ.

    I’m cynical and sceptical.
    I don’t believe the promises
    which are mainly rhetorical
    and open to compromises... more »

  • Demystified For M' Lady Cate

    The mist persists, it will insist
    it has the right to block the light
    with trailing wisps of dirty white.... more »

  • Denial For M'Lady Ann Beard

    Why do we choose to rationalise
    odd happenings we can’t explain.
    The evidence of our own eyes
    we all deny time and again.... more »

  • Desert Rain For M Lady Tara

    A myriad of silver spears.
    The raindrops pierce the earth below.
    They rarely come and quickly go.
    Then as expected there appears... more »

  • Destressed

    When twilight falls in shades of blue.
    I turn my gaze towards the west
    where clouds adopt a rosy hue
    The setting sun goes to his rest.... more »

  • Devotees

    The priestess who officiates.
    Clad only in authority
    She very clearly demonstrates.
    She's comfortable with nudity.... more »

  • Diet Coke

    I eat to live not live to eat
    but I can still enjoy my food.
    As I am quite sure I should.
    I dine on vegetables and meat... more »

  • Different Attitudes.

    A cascade of bird song descends.
    From a songster in the sky.
    One of our small feathered friends
    Who greets the morning joyously.... more »

  • Different Dreams

    Do not judge me by your standards
    Because they don’t apply to me
    Your punishments and your rewards
    Are of no consequence to me.... more »

  • Differntial Perceptions

    The stars look down indifferently.
    The earth is bathed in pale moonlight.
    The night is passing peacefully
    or so it seems apparently.... more »

  • Dilemma.

    Afghanistan where young men die,
    protecting us from terrorists
    Here normal rules do not apply.
    But still the powers that be insist.... more »

  • Disappointed For M Lady Ernestine

    The Jackdaws are excitedly
    feasting on the cast away
    remains of someone’s takeaway.
    Discarded by them thoughtlessly.... more »

  • Discredited A Lament

    Alas and alack now life is hard.
    They cancelled out my credit card
    I used to live in luxury
    now I’m condemned to poverty... more »

  • Disillusionment

    I was so trustingly naïve.
    Too young and foolish to believe.
    That though she promised paradise
    all of her promises were lies.... more »

  • Dismal Outlook.

    Dismal outlook.

    The sky today is dark and grey
    With storm clouds slowly gathering... more »

  • Disrespect

    A crafty cat crapped in the crypt.
    A furtive feline felony,
    it left its mark and then it skipped.... more »

  • Ditched?

    Thou art a heartless lying jade,
    With honeyed words thou cozened me
    Thou didst not though one promise keep.
    A cause to me of misery.... more »

  • Diverging Paths

    I took the road less travelled by.
    Impelled by curiosity
    Simply because I wondered why.
    It was disused apparently.... more »