• Fair Warning.

    Methinks thou art a lying knave.
    To thy desires nought but a slave.
    Prepared to grovel if needs must
    to satisfy thy endless lust.... more »

  • Fairy Stories?

    Are fairy tales just fantasy
    or things we know subconsciously.
    Warnings we heed instinctively,
    although presented pleasantly... more »

  • Faith & Hope.

    I am not a religious man
    I place my faith and loyalty.
    Like any other football fan.
    In the demi -gods I see.... more »

  • Faith The Facts

    Search out all things of good report.
    Consider each one carefully,
    things are not always as you thought.
    As you will find most probably.... more »

  • Faith.

    Rondel prime.

    A virgin saint inviolate
    To whom all true believers pray.... more »

  • Fall Due

    The autumn leaves beneath the trees
    engage in swirling whirling dance.
    To tunes provided by the breeze.
    As if they know it’s their last chance.... more »

  • False Pretences (Fictional)

    False pretences

    My once bright world now desolate.
    I am condemned to loneliness.... more »

  • Familiarity For M'Lady Ann

    The river as it flows on by.
    Softly sings us a lullaby
    Our cottage built of weathered stone
    sits by the riverside alone.... more »

  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt.

    The psychedelic neon signs.
    A visual insanity.
    Create intricate designs
    that linger momentarily.... more »

  • Family Ghosts

    This stately home is haunted by
    The ghosts of those who spent
    Most of their lives here in days gone bye.... more »

  • Family Tradition.

    I feel a hand touching my hair but when I look there’s no one there.
    And then I settle down to rest again I felt my hair caressed.
    I’ve no idea what it might be. It seems to mean no harm to me.
    I’m wide awake I m not dreaming. The gentle moonlight softly beaming... more »

  • Fantasy Or Fact? For Friend C.P Sharma

    I am not dead nor do I live.
    I hover somewhere in between
    No explanation I can give
    will prove to be sufficient to.... more »

  • Far Memory.

    I’m haunted by strange memories
    of places I have never been
    I can remember vividly
    Street scenes I know I have not seen... more »

  • Fare You Well

    Fly free proud spirit on your way.
    Towards the truth you sought to find,
    No need to tarry or delay.
    You know I’ll follow on behind.... more »

  • Farewell For M Lady Francesca

    Glosa a tribute to
    Katherine Tynan 1859-1931.

    Not soon, shall I forget.... more »

  • Farewell Adeline

    Farewell Adeline.

    She lay with pillows for support,
    a vain attempt to find comfort.... more »

  • Farewell Ritual.

    The rifles bark their last salute.
    To say farewell to a comrade.
    The tears of mourners follow suit.
    The last post sounds: A serenade... more »

  • Farmers Complaint

    The frosted fields are lying fallow.
    The frozen ground will not allow
    free passage to the farmers plough... more »

  • Fashion Passion

    In days of yore the dandies wore
    embroidered clothes in colours gay.
    Fine velvets, silks and coarse tussore.
    The current fashions of the day.... more »

  • Fashion Sense For M'Lady Ann Beard

    The trees bedecked with blossom now.
    Some clad in pink and some in white.
    Contestants in the beauty show
    which spring provides for our delight... more »

  • Fashions Are A Passing Phase For Friend Jon London

    I read your words with greatest care
    and try to see your point of view
    Although sometimes I must declare
    I find it difficult to do.... more »

  • Fatal Error For Friend Thad

    The suicidal moths attack.
    Small kami kazi volunteers,
    There is no way to hold them back.
    The moment that a light appears.... more »

  • Feeling The Draught

    Tom tiddle om, tiddle om tom tom.
    The drummers played as they marched along,
    close behind were the infantry.
    they were smart as smart could be.... more »

  • Feet Of Clay.

    Byronic sonnet.

    Lord Byron loved the ladies well.
    Too many and too frequently.... more »

  • Feline Dreamy For M'Lady Ernestine

    Once upon a Tuesday morning,
    it was early, day was dawning.
    I looked outside to see
    what kind of day t’was going to be.... more »