• Absolute Proof.

    Absolute proof

    Blood, sweat and tears don’t disappear
    But always leave some trace behind.... more »

  • Absolute Truth.

    We die a little every day.
    Commencing with our first drawn breath.
    It's what we learn along the way.
    Prepares us to accept that Death.... more »

  • Access Denied

    Ofttimes enwrapt in reverie
    I have a distant memory
    but I cannot be sure it’s true
    Of my mother who I barely knew.... more »

  • Accident.Experiment Or Something Meant.For M Lady Ernestine.

    I sometimes wonder why I ponder
    on questions I cannot answer.
    Why do I sit and wrack my brain
    when there is nothing I can gain.... more »

  • Accidental Choreography For M' Lady Tara

    I do not think I’ll ever see
    Such superb choreography
    as that my cat displayed to me
    when she was bitten by a flea.... more »

  • Accidental Death Story Poem

    Along the coast a lonely road.
    That’s closely watched buy excise men.
    Who know that smugglers transport their load
    along this roadway now and then.... more »

  • Accidental Insults

    Although I write mainly for me.
    I choose to share my poetry.
    With other poets on the net.
    The only thing that I regret.... more »

  • Acclimatised.

    Softly, softly rain is falling.
    The thirsty earth accepts with grace.
    Harsher memories recalling.
    Another time another place.... more »

  • Acknowledgement

    The death knell sounds and echoes round
    the confines of the burial ground
    The tolling bell seems to foretell.
    Life will become a lonely hell.... more »

  • Addiction For M Lady Kim


    I’ll exercise self discipline.
    Today I will not write a word.... more »

  • Admission

    I say with all sincerity.
    You can be sure I speak the truth
    I’m not the man I used to be
    I was a most obnoxious youth.... more »

  • Adolescent Angst

    I’m a complete nonentity.
    No one ever remembers me.
    I haven’t got a single friend
    although some times I pretend... more »

  • Affianced

    The clock strikes twelve sonorous chimes.
    The witching hour of midnight is here
    the best of times the worst of times.
    That vampires love and humans fear.... more »

  • After Coleridge

    All thoughts, all passions, all delights.
    Whatever stirs the mortal frame,
    all are but ministers of love
    and feed his sacred flame... more »

  • After Invictus

    Out of the night that covers me.
    Black as the pit from pole to pole.
    I thank whatever Gods there be.
    For my unconquerable soul... more »

  • After Mature Consideration

    After mature consideration

    When was young I used to feel
    how strange it must be to get old.... more »

  • After Omar

    Awake for morning in the bowl of night
    has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight.
    And lo the hunter of the east has caught
    The sultan’s turret in a noose of light.... more »

  • Aftermath For Friend Thad

    I’m feeling rather delicate;
    perhaps it’s something that I ate.
    My stomach’s complains bitterly
    It churns and churns incessantly.... more »

  • Age Restrictions Apply For M Lady Ernestine

    The boundaries which lie between
    the worlds of fact and fantasy.
    Remain in place although unseen
    by unbelievers easily.... more »

  • Ageless Beauty For M Lady Ernestine

    True beauty lies beneath the skin.
    It’s not something for surface show.
    A quality which lies within
    but others can bask in its glow.... more »

  • Aiding And Abetting

    The right to live, the right to die
    It’s my responsibility.
    It is my choice or it should be
    When life has lost all quality... more »

  • Airborne For Philip Housiaux

    Always airborne an Albatross
    can easily vast oceans cross
    They eat and sleep upon the wing
    and rarely land for anything.... more »

  • Alimony Apart

    Sometimes love dies.No one’s to blame
    but it is painful just the same.
    To lose the love that once you knew
    but there is little you can do... more »

  • All Change For M Lady Adria

    Familiar landmarks disappear
    gradually as darkness falls.
    Though if you listen you can hear
    the roosting birds exchanging calls.... more »

  • All That I Need For My Lady Irene

    On satin sheets my lady lies.
    What does she dream behind closed eyes?
    It seems she dreaming pleasantly
    the evidence is plain to see... more »