• Natural Progression For M'Lady Catrina

    Natural Progression.

    A amidst the green a flash of red
    and here and there a golden tone... more »

  • Natural Selection For Friend Thad

    I am a male an alpha plus.
    My only purpose is to breed,
    to sow the seeds of genius.
    So that my offspring will succeed.... more »

  • Naturally For M Lady Marci

    At midnight still the roses bloom
    Their colours pale beneath the moon
    Scenting the air with rich perfume
    while nightingales sing their sweet tune.... more »

  • Naturally Superior

    An ancient Cypress tree still stands
    Beside a ruined monument.
    Outlasts the works of human hands.
    Nothing man made is permanent.... more »

  • Nature Cure For Friend Thad

    I lay upon the short cropped grass
    beneath the shade of an oak tree
    and watched the clouds which slowly passed
    across the sky towards the sea.... more »

  • Nature Has The Final Say For Yoonos Peerbocus

    They tried a cordon sanitaire
    in an attempt to stop the spread.
    The virulence was every where
    the lucky ones already dead.... more »

  • Neater Meter For Mr Earley

    Neater meter?

    I have to write a sonnet in free verse.
    I must stick to Iambic pentameter.... more »

  • Necessity.

    Sometimes love dies of sheer neglect.
    Love's not always as we expect.
    Because we are less than perfect.
    Love sometimes dies.... more »

  • Needs Must

    I am awoken by a need
    My bladder signals urgently
    you must make haste there’s need for speed
    No sleep until you empty me.... more »

  • Needs Must

    When the skylarks rise up singing.
    Their morning hymn to greet the day
    Praise songs set the welkin ringing.
    Because they know no other way... more »

  • Never Again For Friend Thad

    A beer makes a new man of you
    and then the new man wants one too
    He takes the opportunity
    to sink his beer down thirstily.... more »

  • New Every Morning For M'Lady Ann Beard

    The Blackbird leads the dawn chorus.
    His feathered cousins harmonise.
    Their morning music glorious.
    As if the song birds realise.... more »

  • New Rules For M Lady Tara

    Pretty kimonos.
    Now replaced by western dress.
    Progress: I suppose,
    function before prettiness... more »

  • New Take On Blake For My Friend Amy

    Little lamb who made thee?
    Made thee tender, tasty and sweet,
    made thee very good to eat.
    A little lamb well pleaseth me... more »

  • New Year Thoughts For All My Friends On Poemhunter

    Why face the future fearfully?
    That attitude is negative.
    When only positivity
    improves your chances to survive.... more »

  • Next Time I'Ll Know Better For M Lady Lucianne

    I hear a tapping at my door.
    It’s trick and treaters I expect.
    I have some candy treats in store
    which they will happily accept.... more »

  • Nice Try

    I am a Christian gentleman.
    I would like to, if you agree
    to fall in with my little plan
    to get to know you Biblically.... more »

  • Night Owl For Friend Colin

    The sky a layer cake of hues
    from darkest greys to palest blues.
    The sun has set and daylight fades.
    The birds have sung their serenades.... more »

  • Night Thoughts Pour M'sieur Savin

    Night thoughts

    The night is still I sit alone
    with just my thoughts for company... more »

  • Night Visions

    I do not fear the dark, my eyes
    adjust so that I can see.
    The beauties which would otherwise
    be hidden by the night from me.... more »

  • Nightfall For M'Lady Ernestine

    The evening sky in shades of grey.
    Light grey, dark, grey, all tinged with gold
    Denotes the ending of the day.
    I watch entranced as I behold... more »

  • Nightly Routine

    The wind has dropped the air is still
    With just a hint of autumn chill.
    A scent of dampness fills the air.
    My little dog and I don't care.... more »

  • Nightwatch For My Lady Irene

    When silence fills the bowl of night.
    My lady slumbers peacefully,
    to lie beside her is my right.
    A source to me of sheer delight.... more »

  • No Chance!


    Though gifted with great eloquence.
    The candidate lacks common sense... more »

  • No Change

    In days of yore men preened and posed like peacocks to impress
    the haute monde with their quality: Put on a brave display,
    although often a hollow sham. Which only served to say.
    Fine feathers do not make the man, although they may express.... more »