• Redundant.


    The skull that grins upon my desk
    I picked up at a car boot sale... more »

  • Relief

    Now is the hour when night takes flight
    and dawn breaks into pearly light.
    Before the sun has risen high
    Now is the hour of mystery.... more »

  • Remembrance Day

    </>Remembrance Day.

    Poulters Measure... more »

  • Renegade

    I am cast out, condemned to be
    a wanderer in the wilderness
    with every man my enemy.
    My only crime was to express.... more »

  • Renewal For M Lady Lucianne

    The moonlight slyly penetrates
    the curtained windows of my room.
    Though hesitant illuminates
    the empty silence wrapped in gloom.... more »

  • Rensaku For Subbaraman N.V

    the sky a black slate
    which is not yet written on
    lightning adds the script.... more »

  • Repeat Performance?

    The peoples will deposed the Shah.
    A lesson presidents should note.
    Repression only goes so far.
    If they suspect you rigged the vote.... more »

  • Repentance A Roundel

    </>Roundel challenge.

    Repentance.... more »

  • Reprieve

    The street are silent there is no sound.
    The lack of noise is frightening.
    There is nobody to be found.
    I find this most unsettling.... more »

  • Reprieved

    How strange it is to be pain free
    after long years of misery.
    A life confined to my wheelchair
    I found was difficult to bear.... more »

  • Rethink In Progress For M 'Lady Mamta

    Rethink in progress.

    The empty skies are echoing. There are no song birds left to sing.
    There are no trees there is no grass. What was foretold has come to pass.... more »

  • Return Of The Exiles For M'Lady Lucianne

    At last the dragon race is free
    from the long exile they have served.
    A very heavy penalty imposed
    although it was not deserved.... more »

  • Return To Eilean Mhor For Friend Mark

    Return to Eilean Mhor

    My island homeland calls to me from far away across the sea.
    She whispers to me quietly but none the less insistently... more »

  • Reunited

    The pale beams of a sickle moon
    Shed just enough light to show.
    The winding path to lagoon.
    A place we often chose to go... more »

  • Revelation

    When the harvest moon is full
    And makes the night as bright as day.
    I see the world as beautiful
    Although in a different way.... more »

  • Reviewing The Situation For Friend Thad

    On looking back now I am old.
    I see the errors which I made
    I watch as memories unfold
    but they no longer trouble me.... more »

  • Reviewing The Situation 2009

    Moonlight on the water gleaming, nightime is the time for dreaming.
    Lovers walking hand in hand, creating their own wonderland.
    Sharing dreams as lovers do. dreams are better shared by two.
    Sharing dreams discovering togetherness means everything... more »

  • Reward For Long Service.

    Reward for long service
    English ode format.

    The waterways of England are... more »

  • Ridiculous

    It makes me frankly furious
    when people say there’s none of us
    We’re not extinct as you have heard.
    Though no one has seen a dodo bird... more »

  • Right Now

    The pivot point of time is now.
    When anything potentially
    can step on stage and take a bow.
    The past is gone beyond recall,... more »

  • Righteous Attitude For Friend Thad

    Righteous Attitude

    The hunter rose before the dawn to watch the new day being born.
    He raises prayers to Manitou as his wise father taught him to.... more »

  • Rightful Owners.

    Rightful owners.

    I was the first born of the first born race.
    The chosen ones that knew not sin or shame... more »

  • Rights For M 'Lady Tara

    My tabby cat is rather fond
    of watching Koi carp in the pond
    She sits and watches quietly
    a picture of serenity... more »

  • Rip Off For M Lady Tara

    Designer labels I won’t buy.
    Because I see no reason why
    I should be advertising free
    I think they should be paying me.... more »

  • Rising Ritual-Balasi Stanza Poem

    I shall greet the day
    in my normal way
    Rise from my bed and go
    as is natural... more »