• Summer Nights Delights.

    The sable cloak of night is sown
    With a beauty which is shown
    By a myriad points of light.
    Which show against the dark of night... more »

  • Summer Rain

    The raindrops on my window pane
    drum with a syncopated beat.
    Sometimes they stop then start again.
    Like tap dancers with flying feet.... more »

  • Summers Day Stroll

    She wore a simple summer dress
    Her arms and legs were brown and bare
    What stole my heart I must confess,
    the red/gold beauty of her hair.... more »

  • Summertime? 2006 For M Lady Ernestine


    Now is the winter of our discontent.
    Although I must confess it seems to me,... more »

  • Sunday Morning Pests.

    Two thousand years or so ago.
    Three criminals were crucified.
    And yet today we claim we know
    One was the son of God and died.... more »

  • Sunset, Sunrise Both Please My Eyes For M Lady Denise

    The western sky is roseate
    but filigreed with finest gold
    Now day is done the hour grows late
    and night approaches dark and cold.... more »

  • Superior Force For M 'Lady Tara

    Across the windswept moors it came.
    A cloudburst worthy of the name
    A million, million spears of rain
    which pierced the earth again again.... more »

  • Superstitious Nonsense?


    Gut feelings, hunches and E.S.P
    mean very much the same to me.... more »

  • Surface Show For M 'Lady Ernestine

    Mayhap my lady teaseth me
    When she derides the way I dress.
    She mocketh me for soberness
    But I forgive her readily... more »

  • Suspended Judgement For M Lady Helen

    Madam wouldst thou be offended.
    Should I address myself to thee,
    disrespect is not intended
    but I admire that which I see.... more »

  • Sustenance For Friend Penny

    Across the valley echoing
    I hear a sound like distant drums.
    It is the day of reckoning.
    The storm god comes, the storm god comes.... more »

  • Synopsis For Thad

    A member of an alien race
    I mingle with the populace.
    There’s not a lot of difference
    except I have an extra sense.... more »

  • Taboo

    I find it rather curious
    There are some things we don’t discuss,
    not even with our closest friends.
    As if our peace of mind depends... more »

  • Tabula Rasa.

    Rondel Prime.

    A pristine page of purest white.
    A challenge that I can't resist.... more »

  • Tailor Made For You For M' Lady Dawn Slaker

    Dreams for sale, each one brand new.
    Created daily fresh for you.
    I do not claim my dreams come true
    but I am sure that some must do.... more »

  • Take A Break

    I dreamt a dream with in a dream.
    I did not know it could be so.
    All part and parcel of the scheme
    my mind creates, so that I know.... more »

  • Take And Be Prepared For My Friend C.P

    The desert plains of ice and snow are not a place I’d choose to go.
    Nor sandy wastes under the sun dry deserts don’t suit everyone.
    The high plateaus of the Andes; I can assure you will not please.
    Perhaps I’m choosy but I find such desert places most unkind.... more »

  • Take Five

    I disassociate my mind
    from the coarse body housing me.
    I leave the density behind
    Untrammelled, free from gravity... more »

  • Take It Slow

    The trees are nearly, not quite bare
    with dead leaves lying everywhere
    a crisp bite to the morning air.
    A pleasant day for those who dare... more »

  • Taking Liberties Too Far

    The lack of enforced discipline.
    Is where our troubles all begin.
    The evidence is plain to see.
    Things are not as they ought to be... more »

  • Tantrum For Sidi Mahtrow

    Storm clouds massing threateningly
    had turned the sky gun metal gray.
    The world waited expectantly,
    a thunder storm was on its way.... more »

  • Tastefully Turned Out

    I glitter at my husband’s side.
    His clothes are chosen carefully
    to be a perfect foil for me.
    To display all my finery.... more »

  • Tax Avoidance Strategy

    Tonight the tide is in full flood.
    The moon provides sufficient light.
    For us to unload smuggled goods.
    Which must be done before daylight.... more »

  • Tea Time

    My watch says four its time for tea
    but I’m not where I ought to be.
    Instead I’m stuck in this foul trench
    amidst the mud and slime and stench... more »

  • Temporarily For M Lady Tara

    The morning mist is hovering
    above the lake in veils of white
    The beauty it is covering
    will soon be revealed by sunlight... more »