• Uninhibited Dreams

    The clock strikes twelve, the witching hour.
    When demons come into their power.
    And succubi tempt honest men
    to succumb to evil lust again.... more »

  • Unintended Result

    Too many signs along the road
    an information over load
    Although intended to prevent
    increase the risk of accident... more »

  • Unintentional Conclusion

    My time has come perhaps to die.
    I will not give in easily.
    Though I can guess the reason why
    Someone’s been hired to silence me... more »

  • Uninvited Company For M 'Lady Ernestine

    Shy shadows surreptitiously,
    when twilight falls invade my room.
    I do not let this worry me
    they have the right to I assume.... more »

  • Unknown Author

    I dip my pen in vitriol
    to pen the letters which I write.
    To highlight sin my only goal
    It’s my belief I have the right.... more »

  • Unlimited Offer

    Unlimited offer.

    With broken wings no bird can fly,
    enjoy the freedom of the sky... more »

  • Unmet Need

    I know not that for which I yearn
    But know my life is incomplete,
    At night I lie and toss and turn
    But always I meet with defeat.... more »

  • Unmet Need Or M' Lady Tara

    I know not that for which I yearn
    But know my life is incomplete,
    At night I lie and toss and turn
    But always I meet with defeat.... more »

  • Unnatural Foliage For M'Lady Ernestine

    The hedges here are gaily clad
    in plastic bags of every hue
    This makes me sad and makes me mad.
    these cast off carriers spoil the view.... more »

  • Unprotected Species

    The morning mist lifts and reveals.
    A scattered colony of seals
    Their breeding place beside the sea
    protected by the enemy.... more »

  • Unrecorded History. Storypoem

    I camped below a rocky tor.
    Although I'd not been there before
    It felt somehow familiar.
    I did not want to drive too far.... more »

  • Unseen Dangers!

    She prowls the floor then sits and stares.
    But when I look there’s nothing there
    But still watches carefully.
    What does she see that I can’t see?... more »

  • Unseen Enemy.

    Unseen enemy.

    We’ve had fierce gales and heavy rain.
    A lull and then it starts again... more »

  • Unsung

    Dead heroes hold an honoured place
    in histories of the human race.
    But I am forced to wonder why
    we only honour those who die.... more »

  • Unsung Hero.

    Although he has prosthetic limbs.
    His sense of purpose never dims.
    Now he has learnt to walk anew.
    He is quite certain he can do.... more »

  • Unsung Heroes

    The land laid waste and desolate.
    Opposing armies came and went,
    that neither thought to contemplate
    the end result is evident.... more »

  • Until The Final Page

    I was born a long time ago
    I don’t admit to being old
    I watched the long years passing slow
    My story far from being told.... more »

  • Until We Meet Again For My Lady

    When I am dead just bury me
    in a deep hole and plant a tree
    Without any ceremony,
    whats left behind’s no longer me.... more »

  • Unwanted Nocturne

    When day is done and twilight falls
    I hear the Tomcats caterwauls.
    The noise they make is quite obscene.
    They vie for favours of the queen.... more »

  • Unwanted Recollections For J.T Ellison

    I slept and in my dreaming wept
    for promises I made: Unkept
    The promises I did not keep
    return to haunt me in my sleep.... more »

  • Unwelcome Guest

    Arthritis my old enemy
    insidious and stealthy foe
    attacks my joints determinedly.
    An enemy I’ve come to know... more »

  • Unwelcome Visitor

    Begone sad ghost why dost thou bother me.
    I knew thee not whilst living thou drew breath.
    Nor do I wish to know thee after death.
    Why dost thou visit me so frequently?... more »

  • Unwritten For C.P.Sharma

    I bought a new anthology
    of poems from the First World War.
    I offer no apology
    The poetry filled me with awe.... more »

  • Uproar And After Math For M'Lady Catrina

    The thunder growls and threatens war.
    Storm clouds parade in massed array
    and fierce blue bolts of lightning soar
    To try and drive the clouds away.... more »

  • Useless, A Challenge Entry

    The handbook isn’t written yet
    that will teach me to forget.
    The years of happiness we shared.
    I have no doubt because we dared,... more »