• Wiggle Giggle For M' Lady Lucia

    Some women wiggle as they walk
    as a pretty woman should.
    But others jiggle as they stalk.
    It’s not a very pleasant view.... more »

  • Wilfully Blind

    A never ending tragedy.
    The history of the human race.
    Why is it that we cannot be content?
    to live in peace with grace... more »

  • Will She

    The musty smell of dollar bills.
    Which people think will cure their ills
    they simply cannot get enough.
    of that crisp green folding stuff.... more »

  • Will We Ever Learn?

    The scarlet flares illuminate
    a scene from Dante’s inferno.
    In muddy trenches soldiers wait.
    They’ve learnt to fear the rosy glow.... more »

  • Will You? For Friend Thad

    The singing spring, a sacred well.
    Is heard to sing so legends tell.
    At midnight when the moon is full.
    They say the singing’s wonderful.... more »

  • Wind In The Trees For Friend Thad

    The winds play haunting melodies
    Upon the branches of bare trees
    From which they pluck the notes they seek.
    Each composition is unique.... more »

  • Wine Can Only Be Drunk Once

    Fine wine, unlike fine poetry.
    Must be given time to mature,
    selected for its quality.
    You must be absolutely sure.... more »

  • Wingless Flight

    Wingless Flight

    I sometime sit and wonder why
    There are some birds which cannot fly.... more »

  • Winter Night For Friend Hunter

    Though almost imperceptibly. The snow was falling steadily,
    unruffled by the slightest breeze. To coat the branches of the trees,
    with layers of the purest white, which sparkle in the pale moonlight.
    The contrast pleasing to my eyes. Beneath the trees a blanket lies... more »

  • Winterval For M 'Lady Ernestine.

    The whirling swirling flakes of snow.
    Fall silently but ceaselessly.
    Creating havoc here below.... more »

  • Wishful Thinking.


    The old year’s coming to its end.
    Few will be sad to see it go.... more »

  • Within The Woodlands For M'Lady Lucianne


    Within the woodlands flowery gladed
    Beside the oak trees mossy moot... more »

  • Without Fear Or Favour

    Without fear or favour

    I see no need to demonstrate
    that I wield greater powers than most.... more »

  • Without Just Cause.

    My maiden aunt had little chance.
    Because the man she was to wed
    Was one of those who fell in France
    listed as missing presumed dead.... more »

  • Without Trace For C.R Clark

    The soulless city lies in wait
    to capture young ambitious fools
    Who think that they can demonstrate
    they have no need to obey rules.... more »

  • Womem's Wiles For M'Lady Tara

    When boys are young then generally
    they are cared for by female kin.
    But when approaching puberty
    the father figures then step in.... more »

  • Women Weep

    Behind a banner men unite
    arrayed in armour shining bright.
    Each warrior prepared to die,
    ready to fight but knows not why.... more »

  • Wondering For M 'Lady Tara


    Today I saw a winsome Nun.
    A negative in black and white.... more »

  • Wordpower For Bro J.T.Early

    It was as a schoolboy he
    became entranced by poetry
    He loved the rhythm and the rhyme
    which made his words keep to strict time.... more »

  • Worry Free

    When I awake before the dawn
    I seize the opportunity
    To watch a new day being born.
    A moment of tranquillity... more »

  • Would I?

    The moonlight paints across the lake
    a golden path which dreamers take.
    When sleep has set their spirit free
    to visit realms of fantasy.... more »

  • Writers Block-Poppycock

    I think that there will never be
    A lack of wonders we can see.
    For those of us prepared to look
    in mother natures own scrap book.... more »

  • Yesterday/Tommorrow


    The silent shadows echo mysteries.
    Across the disused nursery floor, a toy... more »

  • Yet More Ogdenashicals. Just For Fun

    Ermintrude the echidna
    lost her diamond tiara.
    Her husband trying to be kind
    softly whispered never mind... more »

  • You Experimental Form

    can do
    anything.... more »