• You Are Mistaken! !

    The arguments range far and wide.
    Opinions held stubbornly
    will be adhered to by each side
    Because we do not want to see.... more »

  • You Are My Sunshine For My Lady Irene

    In the distance I can see the sun is shining pleasantly
    but where I am is cold and gray. Why that should be I cannot say.
    Perhaps because I’m missing you and that in fact it isn’t true. And that in fact the sun does shine on me but can’t relieve the misery
    I feel when you are far away without you every day is gray... more »

  • You Can'T Believe Your Eyes!

    The countless thousand points of light.
    Which decorate the firmament
    Are only visible by night
    By long established precedent..... more »

  • You Do Know

    You know it’s true. Yet you deny
    the evidence: you can’t accept
    your dream of love is fantasy
    You know it’s true... more »

  • You Do, Don'T You?

    Most women seem to lack dress sense
    And those who don’t have confidence
    To know that they need not obey
    what all the fashion gurus say.... more »

  • You Might Be Wrong

    Uncouth ill educated lout.
    You make your mind up instantly,
    you are quite sure you have no doubt.
    He is what he appears to be... more »

  • You Never Know.

    At the approach of All Souls Eve
    I am not sure what to believe
    Most see it as a time for fun.
    The preparations have begun... more »

  • Your Choice

    The being who created me.
    Saw fit to grant me liberty.
    I have no faith in pompous priests.
    Who say all men are just brute beasts.... more »

  • Your Choice Story Poem

    My cause was just I could fulfil
    a life long dream, an urge to kill.
    An urge I knew I must resist
    by application of my will.... more »

  • Your Place

    I awaken-- in the soft darkness.
    Alone-- but yet not lonely,
    Your place --beside me in our bed
    Is filled-- with memories of you... more »

  • Youthful Fantasies. A Redondilla


    To tell my love forbidden me.
    So I must suffer silently.... more »