• Cattitude For M'Lady Ernestine

    She tells her kittens this and that
    Like any feline mother would
    and she makes sure they’ve understood
    Just what it means to be a cat...... more »

  • Centred Experimental Form


    The silence of the night profound.
    Unbroken by the slightest sound.... more »

  • Certainty For M Lady Tsira

    The fairy dust Jack Frost has cast
    across the rooftops liberally.
    Now twinkles in the orange glow
    Recalling scenes from long ago.... more »

  • Changes Are Natural

    The perfect English summer day.
    Is very seldom seen today
    When skies are blue and clouds are few.
    Although I know they used to do.... more »

  • Changing Perceptions For Friend Thad

    The sun shines on the frozen snow.
    Where ice crystals refract the light
    The primal colours come and go.
    Add fleeting beauty to the white.... more »

  • Changing Perspective For Bro Colin

    A patchwork quilt of sunlit fields
    Is visible as grey mist yields
    to the majesty of the sun.... more »

  • Changing Times

    Perverse and foolish, discontent.
    Naïve but far from innocent
    the bored young people of today
    undisciplined in any way.... more »

  • Chaos Rules For Friend Thad

    The Dragoness last of her race.
    Lies somnolent beneath the sun,
    there will be none to take her place.
    Remembering her youth long gone.... more »

  • Check, Double Check And Discard For Friend Thad

    You can prove statistically.
    The truth of things which cannot be
    proven empirically.
    Manipulating carefully... more »

  • China Doll

    I have a little china doll, a figurine,
    she stands in pride of place on my bookcase.
    Sometimes from the corner of my eye,
    I think that I can see her cry. I wonder why.... more »

  • Choka Sonnet

    nature’s beauty show.
    near Tokyo in the spring
    guaranteed to please.
    avenues of cherry trees.... more »

  • Choose Your Words Carefully

    An impoverished vocabulary,
    can preclude communication.
    Facilitate incomprehension.
    foiling our attempts at clarity.... more »

  • Chorale For M' Lady Penny

    The black bird sweetly tunes his throat.
    A stream of liquid notes which float.
    As if suspended somewhere
    in between fact and fantasy.... more »

  • Chronology Is Bunkum For My Lady Irene

    The garden when the sun has set.
    Becomes a very different place.
    It is quite easy to forget
    the fall of night cannot erase.... more »

  • Circuit Judge?

    Circuit Judge?

    I am detached, dispassionate.
    My judgements purely logic based.... more »

  • City Streets

    The gaudy glow of neon lights
    dispels the darkness of the nights
    on city streets.... more »

  • Class Distinction

    A quiet house where quiet ghosts
    haunt quiet rooms but silently
    The Ghosts respect their living hosts
    and treat them most respectfully.... more »

  • Clear The Stage

    The world was; before mankind was born
    and will be when the last mans gone
    There will be no left to mourn.
    Who will replace us still unknown... more »

  • Cliff Dwellers For M Lady Ernestine

    Cliff Dwellers

    The sea cliffs rise majestically.
    Perhaps a thousand feet or more... more »

  • Clogyrnach

    I may be wrong but I perceive
    What man conceives he can achieve.
    Some dreams can come true
    Perhaps your will do.... more »

  • Co-Existence.

    Bare branches stark against the sky.
    A labyrinthine tracery
    Of twigs and twiglets which defy
    The winter gales successfully.... more »

  • Coffee Break For M Lady Lucianne

    I fantasise and I create
    new worlds which I can populate.
    In any way that pleases me.
    I can imagine easily... more »

  • Coitus Non Interruptus

    As Mom and Dad play loves game.
    The baby stirs uneasily.
    just as the crashing climax came.
    The baby settles quietly.... more »

  • Comforting

    We understand the time must come
    when one of us will have to leave.
    The when not ours to command
    but for our comfort we believe.... more »

  • Command Performance Adult Content.

    Her hair a red/gold waterfall that flows
    across the curving contours of her form
    concealing and revealing as it goes.... more »