• At This Moment

    At this moment........
    A mother is crying she just lost her chlidren
    At this moment..........
    A young girl is losing her innocents... more »

  • Blessing

    ... more »

  • Could You

    Could we ever be more then friends?
    Could you ever leave her for me?
    Could you ever love me the same way that you
    love her?... more »

  • Grandma Bee

    44 days after they said you had cancer you died.
    You never cried you always smiled.
    I still reach out for you time to time then I remember that you went
    home.... more »

  • I Feel

    When I see you I get this felling
    all over me
    When your warm hand hug my cold
    body I feel safe... more »

  • I Find Myself

    I find myself thinking of you and wanting you to hold me
    I find myself wanting you back knowing you can hurt me more then anyone else
    I find myself forgetting why we broke up then I'm reminded that you cheated on me
    I find myself questioning everything you ever told me I find myself asking Did he really love me or Did he really care?... more »

  • I Hope

    I hope you hear me
    I hope you see me
    I hope you understand that I can't do this anymore
    Its not you its me I fell out of love with you.... more »

  • Idk

    The older I get the more the world seems like a scarey place.
    The more I meet people the more I grow to dis like people.
    It seems like I am starting to see the world for what it is and not what I've been told.
    In this world u have three chocies you can accept the hand ur dealt, change it or lay down and die.... more »

  • If I Told You That I Loved You Would You Call Me Crazy?

    If I told you that I love would you call me crazy?
    If I told you that I cared about you would you laugh @ me?
    If I told you that I planned my life out with you would you push me away?
    I ask you this because if you told me that you loved me I would cry.... more »

  • Loseing You

    I have that say I'm done.
    I've told my best friend that I was done.
    I've tried so hard to walk away feom you but you
    keep pulling me back.... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    ... more »

  • My Man

    You’re my man my might man.
    You’re my king to my kingdom.
    The crown I ware upon my head.
    The armor I ware to battle.... more »

  • Satoria What She Means To Me

    I know that we might not always get along but I hope that she knows that I love her.
    S: stands for Super loving
    A: stands for Asome
    T: stands for Totle my lil sister... more »

  • Scared

    I'm scaredyou will wake up one day
    and realize I'm not who you thought
    I'm scared that you might realize that
    you have wasted time with me... more »

  • Tells Of A Mistress

    ... more »

  • They Were Right

    My best friend called me dumb for being in love with
    My sister said I was stupid
    Even your borther called me crazy
    They all said that you break my heart... more »

  • You Are

    You’re my sweetest dream and my worst nightmare
    You’re the reason for my joy and pain
    The reason why I cry and laugh
    You’re the reason for my rainy days and my sunshine... more »

  • Your

    Your kisses are tender
    Your eyes are sweet
    Your touch is soft
    You make me feel alive evertime your around... more »

  • Your Smell Lingers In The Air

    Your smell lingers in the air
    Your kiss stays on my cheek long after your gone
    Your touch stays with me all thought the day
    Your smile brightens up my day... more »