Ivory Harris Poems

You Are

You’re my sweetest dream and my worst nightmare
You’re the reason for my joy and pain
The reason why I cry and laugh
You’re the reason for my rainy days and my sunshine... more »

If I Told You That I Loved You Would You Call Me Crazy?

If I told you that I love would you call me crazy?
If I told you that I cared about you would you laugh @ me?
If I told you that I planned my life out with you would you push me away?
I ask you this because if you told me that you loved me I would cry.... more »

I Find Myself

I find myself thinking of you and wanting you to hold me
I find myself wanting you back knowing you can hurt me more then anyone else
I find myself forgetting why we broke up then I'm reminded that you cheated on me
I find myself questioning everything you ever told me I find myself asking Did he really love me or Did he really care?... more »

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melissa mundy 24 Jan 2008 12:42
lovely use of words. A perfect ten.