• Dear

    Oh my dear,
    you frighten me my dear
    your eyes, my dear,
    they lie, my dear,... more »

  • Don'T Pass So Slowly

    Don’t walk past so slowly,
    thinking that I don’t notice.
    Your intentions have always
    been understood... more »

  • Dreaming Blue

    Dreaming blue,
    Dreaming gray,
    Dreaming of a
    Heaven far away.... more »

  • Empty Chase

    Oh the mush mush mush!
    Stop giggling! Dumb is
    dying. My respect for you
    is dwindling along with... more »

  • I Wished That You Were A Real Person Again

    I wished that you were a real person again.
    Smiling, laughing and making fun of yourself.
    Now I see a stiff-lined smile, that never precedes a laugh.... more »

  • Just A Yellowed Crumb

    I go to my dark alley
    a man sits in gray
    he opens his mouth
    but has nothing to say.... more »

  • Life Death And Lethargy

    I know what it's like to be sick,
    to have three options
    and take your pick,
    these days drip slow:... more »

  • Lover

    Your fresh-faced lover;
    innocence galore;
    a trait you deplore,
    so you'll ruin her.... more »

  • Note From An Afghan (Hiding Out In The Americas)

    I don’t quite know what to think anymore.
    I passed some words scrawled on the wall today
    That said, “The more you know, the more you
    Know you don’t know shit.”... more »

  • Oh Not Here....

    Mind's puppet here
    on this rocky terrain,
    from a place I cannot
    fall-Oh it's all the same!... more »

  • Replacement Urge

    LOOK at that black metal!
    Glistens like gold, so warm
    SHINY, COLD. Dull eyes
    ROTATING, Sit and MULL,... more »

  • So Opened

    lone gull,
    sips from the frothing
    Speeding, speeding FOREVER.... more »

  • The Dust Cloud

    Aimless wanderer
    starlight gaze
    opens his eyes to see
    nothing but haze.... more »

  • The Flame

    A burned girl; she has no face,
    no one spot to call a place.
    She sits all day
    to stare at the rain.... more »

  • The Nature Of It

    Eclipse of life.
    subtle yearning.
    Heartfelt desires
    and intense burning.... more »

  • This Is All Unread To Me

    This is all unread to me,
    All the time it’s hard for me to see
    Nothing with you is ever easy,
    Come to me, then leave me.... more »

  • Up The Window, Down Through A Tunnel

    The tunnel of a window is calling,
    It comes to his twinkling eye slowly.
    The glass fogs itself; he begins falling.
    Pride is a wilderness of the lonely.... more »