• ...

    I have let you down
    I know
    I know without you telling me.... more »

  • A Deeper Shade Of Blue

    A deeper shade of blue
    In the deepest part of my heart
    Of melancholic woe, so true
    I am in a deeper shade of blue.... more »

  • A Late Embrace To A Shattered Wall

    The sea
    Beckoned to me
    Like a mother
    Calling.... more »

  • A Little Box

    I yearn to break free
    of this bittersweet prison
    I call my life... more »

  • After Death

    What do you do
    When you know
    You are not
    Who you are supposed to be?... more »

  • Another Story Ended For A Girl Like Me

    Another day, another hope
    Another walk down a darkened slope
    For a flickering candle of uncertainty,
    It's just another starless night like yesterday.... more »

  • As The Yellowbells Fall

    As the yellowbells fall...

    I saw a little boy down the street. He was being bullied by kids much bigger than him. My heart screamed 'stop' but I was the only one who heard it. Yet I just stood there paralyzed, unmoving and watched as the little boy cried.... more »

  • Because I Do

    I don't do fancy writing
    I don't even write things
    Good enough to be read
    But I write what I feel... more »

  • Because You Let Her Go

    a lost friend
    could very well knew
    when you failed
    she also failed you... more »

  • Best Friends

    I talked to my best friend
    Told her I like this guy
    She had nothing but good words to lend
    She didn't even ask why.... more »

  • Blessed Are The Little Ones

    Children are the luckiest of creature,
    Any human being could ever get,
    Their happiness is beyond measure
    With even the littlest of things we often forget.... more »

  • Blood From My Fingertips

    As I write these words tonight

    Blood will flow... more »

  • Broken Hearted Love Story

    Time and again
    My love story ends
    Even before it began
    Heartbreaking beginnings... more »

  • Broken Teddy

    Stars on a red sky
    Storms on the way
    Teddy, why didn't you try?
    I could have helped you flee.... more »

  • Burnt Cold

    I said
    I don't want to get burned
    So I'm playing it cool
    And I just realized,... more »

  • But You Left


    I have let you down
    I know... more »

  • But You'Re Not

    to be in the middle,
    to be still,
    to be undecided,
    to be here,... more »

  • Cracks

    If only you looked beyond the cracks
    You could have seen the broken little pieces I glued just for you,
    Then maybe you could have understood,
    Why my tears fall for reasons I don't even want to know.... more »

  • Curse The Tears

    i curse the tears that never seem to end
    wishing that my heart could stop bleeding
    at the thought of you
    loving someone else.... more »

  • Dawn Mumbles

    wishing that loving you doesn't hurt
    as much as the cold silent loneliness at 4am
    when the world is just about to wake up
    while i'm still whispering your blasted name.... more »

  • Death

    Alone in a dark night
    I saw death coming near
    I shiver in my place with fright
    Though there is nothing to fear.... more »

  • Death Is But A Toll Of The Bell

    Death is but a toll of the bell
    Ringing for the owner to come back home
    And the owner
    Who had secretly escaped into a dimension... more »

  • Die For Me

    How I loved to see
    That beauty that's not meant to be
    See the tears it could shed
    Behind the smiles, the pain she hid.... more »

  • Everything Ends

    the person who is the happiest
    during a good time
    is the saddest
    when he is alone.... more »

  • Help Me Flee

    I didn't catch the light
    That I thought
    Would be my salvation
    To this eerily lonely world... more »