• Bitterly Sweet

    Love, a venom that could flow into our veins,
    or perhaps an emotion to cure all pain?
    Love gives and love takes,
    Love could teach us learn from all of our mistakes.... more »

  • Black Valentine

    Making love? Is it all I want? Do I really care for you?
    These Questions are on my mind, passing through...
    Kisses, Hugs and Roses.
    Stuffed-dolls, chocolates and the voices...... more »

  • Doubts

    Though our shells are here,
    Inside this watery sphere.
    I think I am intoxicated my dear,
    I am filled up with fear.... more »

  • Eye Ecstasy

    I see those tides of imperfection,
    Failure and miscommunication.
    These crimes violently arise,
    Living in world that's filled with lies.... more »

  • Half Written Poem

    In every story there is an end,
    Certain things could be broken and cannot be mend.
    There will be the end of the road,
    The point where stars grow old and explodes.... more »

  • I (Eye)

    I'm no wanna-be,
    I'm just a man trying to express what is in me.
    These compositions of poetry,
    Are merely nothing, but all that I did see.... more »

  • Love & Neglection

    Love, a cloth that covers all the grudge I feel inside,
    A passion that burns in these hearts that collide.
    These silly words sprouting out of my head,
    Embarrassing actions and things I've said.... more »

  • Not To Impress You

    I failed to impress you and all the things I do is nothing,
    Everything was planned out but yet failing.
    I learned to be someone new,
    Thought of so many things just to satisfy you.... more »

  • Rhythm Of My Head

    Stop, halt, Pause,
    The life of a rebel without any cause.
    Lost in this moment,
    Puzzled on what this wave meant.... more »

  • Said Myself

    When you are down and weary.
    Yes you cry feeling so lonely.
    You close your eyes and mesmerize all happy things...... more »

  • Six Sided Depression

    Was once alone and felt so helpless,
    All the things seems to be useless.
    This heart that binds all bitter memories,
    This eyes whom wish to be blind to all it sees.... more »