• A Kings Game

    blurs of white flying by
    losers emit a mournful cry
    a comeback from when they trail
    winners give a triumphant yell... more »

  • Alone

    Here I lie pondering my choice
    a choice that changed my life
    turned myself into this thing
    that merely haunts your dreams... more »

  • Change

    I've finally come to realize
    what it is that I do wrong
    I need to try and heal my heart
    instead of just moving along... more »

  • Changes In Me

    You've changed me
    all for the good
    and this change feels
    just like it should... more »

  • Delemma

    Alone I stand on the razors edge
    Facing a choice, a fork in the road
    Persevere now, or give up
    Give up on seeds I have sown... more »

  • Fooled Me Twice

    happiness is gone
    you took it away with you
    now its to someone else
    that I will always remain true... more »

  • Ghost Of You

    You plauge my every dream
    every night I toss and turn
    memories drifting from my awake
    to haunt my subconscious mind... more »

  • I'M Truly Sorry

    I'm truly sorry for what I've done,
    I want you to know I always meant well
    I may have been wrong when I said all that
    but the whole time I thought you were the one.... more »

  • In My Head

    can mere words describe your beauty?
    what in nature is a beautiful as you?
    not the blue bird flying at sunrise,
    not even a rose kissed by the dew.... more »

  • Jagged

    can anyone be as lonely as I?
    Its doubtful I think with a mournful sigh.
    Sitting up wake at one-fifteen,
    wondering, whatever became of love?... more »

  • Keep Going

    I'm killing my self today
    decided to end my life
    since I can't run away
    from this pain and strife... more »

  • Let Me In

    I'll heal the cuts that make you bleed
    be the support that you really need
    channel your pain straight into me
    open your mind and let me see... more »

  • Love Coming Soon?

    As I read what you wrote,
    a question asking fast,
    are you a gift from God?
    Has true love found me at last?... more »

  • Love Is Like A Blue Bird

    Love is like a blue bird,
    a flash of color
    in an otherwise drab world.... more »

  • Love The Devil Outta Me

    Its lonely out here tonight
    rooftops at sunset make me feel
    how I feel changes everyday
    trying to figure out what is real... more »

  • My Babygirl

    how many ways can I say it?
    Te amo, Je t'aime, I love you
    and yet all these ways don't come close
    to describe how I feel for you... more »

  • My Heart

    Beauty greater than,
    the blooming rose of spring,
    happiness to my day,
    just your smile can bring.... more »

  • No One Is Innocent

    Got a phone call today
    Left me stunned in disbelief
    seems a good friend of mine
    decided to take her own life... more »

  • Ode To My Regrets.

    Confusion rips through me even now,
    when I think on you my first regret,
    on how quickly love can turn into hate,
    after these years the hate we wont forget.... more »

  • Real Love

    you may ask is my love real?
    lets take a look at how you feel
    whats more important what would you do?
    to make her happy move somewhere new?... more »

  • Shaken

    The ground jumps
    and buildings fall
    but still I stand fast.
    Shaking so hard... more »

  • Simple Goodbyes Are Best

    I'm Getting better
    at this pathetic thing
    some call it a life
    but not close by a dream... more »

  • Stuck With Me

    Missing you day after day
    night after night without
    you to keep me warm
    and to know your love without a doubt... more »

  • The Corny Poem

    I sit here alone
    thinking about your pretty face
    and wishing I could be
    alone with you at your place... more »

  • Thoughts During An Evening By The Fire.

    What good is a fire, on a cold winter night,
    without a lover there to hold you tight?

    What good are millions of stars at night,... more »