J.E. Carpenter is my pen name. But, most people know me as Lis Carpenter. I guess I took the practice of using first initials from the old days when women would use initials so their work would be judged before their gender.

I have been writing poems since I was a wee child. They are everywhere. I have them on blogs and in notebooks. I wanted to write fresh ones here. I am tempted to transfer the ones from my blogs to this website though.


J. E. Carpenter Poems

On Li-Young Lee And Poetry As The Dying Breath Medium

I am here and I am silent.
And wondering if true
that poets write about love
so that they can write about death... more »

The Time Is Now

Now is the time for love to rise
and love to rule
the Son of God; His sign's in the skies
and those who know this... more »

Fire And Light

Fire and light, fire and light
we were fire and light
before the world began
we shown like stars... more »

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The central idea of poem of t oday and tomorrow