• A Space In Time

    Yet another sleepless night,
    watching as the tick tock
    Makes its endless journey
    from dusk to dawn to dusk to...... more »

  • Adrift

    At peace in the wake,
    no more schedules to keep.
    A fear only fleeting; ah,
    memories of bliss.... more »

  • Between The Shadows

    The torrid winds tell secrets
    And in an empty place
    And in a place that’s lost
    Lonely time and only time... more »

  • Cheney

    Alas Mr. Cheney for each death this war does bring
    May your heart take pause
    And beat with the crack of the gun
    Yet stop by the death... more »

  • Driven - 'Cold Cash'

    Driven by greed, needing more always more
    An insatiable hunger, for something not your's

    A black hearted lust, a soul of a whore... more »

  • Greed -(Cold Cash)

    Greed as the teacher, so willing to learn
    Quenching a thirst, the only concern

    No doubt some are murky, but this is quite clear... more »

  • Perdition

    Staring at the ceiling, night after night
    begging for rest that won't come
    Wheels are a turning
    For the off switch is lost.... more »

  • Ripe-(Cold Cash)

    A crime without victims, no pain would befall
    Ripe for the taking, by those with such gaul

    No voices to cry out, an alarm never cast... more »

  • Thrive

    But to vanish over the horizon into the true unknown.
    Trials and tribulations almost beyond imagination.
    Loneliness near the limit of human endurance, feelings of utter despair;
    a constant struggle with the insidious destroyer, self doubt.... more »