J.L. Nash had a transient childhod, moving between England and Africa, and as an adult spent time living on an island in the Pacific Ocean. She is now based in Australia. She writes short stories, flash fiction and poetry which often reflects this sense of travel, displacement and a lack of roots. Sometimes published under her maiden name (nee Hunter-Yetton) . Her work has been found in different magazines (e.g. Cricketer International) a Selection of Literary Journals and most recently attached to the exhibition PARANOID (www.aionarap.org) . Her work can also be found on the net, usually in offbeat e-zines like Zygote in my Coffee. She performed at a few public readings in 2005 but prefers a more reclusive state.


J.L. Nash Poems

We Are Monkey

monkey gone five days food in fridge
monkey go boat lovely island lap lap waves... more »

Left Handed Batter

darling this
position... more »

Ars Poetica

Although she understood what it meant to be him
She saw earlier than he did what it was to lose everything... more »

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Nellie Yeti 19 May 2007 11:26
Hi jo jo here - I saw J.L. Nash perform FANTASTIC when i was travelling through the Pacific and there she was doing a reading in a bar. I already had a copy of AL in Aelon Kein but had no idea she was out there... This is so funny when she acts it out - she has real comedy presence - great to see her online!