• Bridges, Roads

    Cars rush across the bridge
    golden glint of glass at one point
    the only more certain sign of existence
    a woman hurrying alone on the sidewalk... more »

  • Carousel And Gioconda

    The carousel had horses
    and we ourselves pushed it
    around under the pavilion.
    (Was Carousel the name of your childhood street... more »

  • Godspeed

    We depart. Farewell and abrazos
    remain hovering like a frightened handkerchief in the wind.
    Lightness, smell of seaweed over a blue abyss.
    Something warm, like a sleeping child in you,... more »

  • On Losing A Passport

    The passport lost — long live liberty!
    A frown fell from your face,
    the stamp's stern shield suddenly gave way,
    and having shrugged from your shoulders twenty years... more »

  • Surprises Of Climate

    Waiting for reward, we decay into age.
    It would have been better to pasture sheep,
    to shelter under a tree while it rains
    and listen to the fulminations of God,... more »