JTJ J T Jayasingh 17-10-1972

Prof. Dr. J.T.Jayasingh has been in the field of teaching and training for the last 20 years. He is an inspiring trainer, teacher, poet, writer and entrepreneur. He has designed several human resource development training programs and trained thousands of young people who have placed in different parts of the world. He is also doing independent research on meditation and mind power. He has authored 5 books so far and a few more are in the pipe line. Presently he is writing a novel titled, ‘Alone in the Men’s Park’, which has been serialized as a facebook page. His articles and poems have been published in various print and web journals. He is the founder-director of Roots and Wings Publishing and Media which has brought out the debut books of several young poets and writers. He is also one of the chief editors of Indian Ruminations web journal. As an entrepreneur he is promoting herbal products with the trade name of ‘Neelima’. He is also leading an awareness movement in facebook named Indian Youth Awareness Movement (IYAM) .
Prof. J.T.Jayasingh believes that every human being is gifted with a special talent and called for a certain purpose. His vision is to help as many young people as possible to find out their calling and realize their vision. His philosophy is, “life is a journey within and without, learn from your past, live the present and hope for the future and leave a positive trail before you leave the world”. He believes in universal love and brotherhood. He is also a lover of nature and experimenting farmer.
Published Books:
1. A Bird’s Eye View
2. New Voices (Edt.)
3. Waves won’t Die
4. IELTS Complete Solution
5. IELTS Speaking- a Handbook

Forthcoming Books:
1. Alone in the Men’s Park (Novel)
2. J.T.Jayasingh Complete Works

Contact him:
Mob: +918754804375, +919995651972
Blog site- jtjayasingh.blogspot.com



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my dear jtjaya sing i gave my vote to your all poems.