• Get Some Help

    Why do you do this to mom and dad
    Why do you make them feel so bad
    Why cause them so much stress and pain
    To this family you have brought so much shame.... more »

  • Remembering My Nan

    The mother of my old man
    How i miss going to her house eating her sweets
    Nothing compared to her... more »

  • Special

    So special
    So nice
    So cute
    So right... more »

  • The Rest Are Not

    I haven't known you for long
    Only known you for a while
    But even in that short space of time
    You never fail to make me smile.... more »

  • War

    Bang bang sound of a gun
    Bang bang another poor mother looses her son
    This boy shouldn't be out there in the blistering sun
    17 years old should be out with his friends having fun.... more »