• First

    I liked it when I was your first guy
    Now it seemed like it all was a lie
    I really felt special, I really great
    It felt like I was writing on a clean slate... more »

  • Grandpa

    You were a great grandpa
    You were a great friend
    You were helping people
    Until the very end... more »

  • Hurt

    You think I can’t hear you
    I can
    You think I'm not around
    I’m here... more »

  • Love

    Whenever I need you
    You are there
    When no else does
    You always care... more »

  • The Chain

    Near the end of the world, when all is almost lost
    People begin to look at things in a different light
    A person notices what has always been there
    But might soon disappear in an instant... more »

  • Useless

    Nothing is ever good enough
    There’s nothing I can do
    Every singe move I make
    Is just a problem for you... more »