• Amber

    It’s the closest thing that I’d had to heaven
    Leading up to that point in my life
    It removed me from all that I hated
    Relieving me of all of my strife... more »

  • Da-Da Poetry Of The Harris's

    Razors pain you, Rivers are damp
    Everyday above ground is a good day
    The clouds formed a circle
    The sky is blue the grass is green... more »

  • Dear Old Friend

    Dear old friend,
    How far back does your memory span?
    does it go through last year?
    or before marching band?... more »

  • Dream A Little Dream For Me

    At night when you think through your day
    Think on the things that you did say
    When you think through the things that you should be
    Dream this little dream for me... more »

  • Just Friends...

    i fall in love with you
    and then i become your friend
    i can't sleep at night because I'm thinking about you... more »

  • Laugh, Cry, Die

    laugh clown, laugh. cry boy, cry
    when in costume, your not allowed to ask why
    but when your done playing your role
    your life will begin to take it's toll... more »

  • Lies To Love By

    Boy meets girl and tells her he likes her
    she states that she dislikes him

    Days pass, he watches her... more »

  • Taylor

    I'm feelin under pressure
    Cause I'm in too deep
    It's the image in my mind
    that haunts me in my sleep.... more »

  • That's What Friends Are For

    late nights on the phone
    late nights far from home
    broken hearts
    stops and starts... more »

  • The Great Pretender

    You're not like them and you'll
    never truly fit in
    They laugh behind your back
    and to your face they call you friend... more »