• A Still Life

    I seem to stare through transoms
    Through half opened doors.
    Behind these doors I sense a presence,
    Two shadows move in the twilight... more »

  • Death Was

    Death was darkness, or so I presumed,
    It could just as well have been light.
    I was running down a hospital corridor
    My breath was a sickly ether... more »

  • Holders Of The Keys Of Power,

    Holders of the keys of power,

    You sit in your fat offices
    Sprinkle a mixture of God institutionalized... more »

  • I'Ll Be Waiting

    Think of me sometimes
    when I am gone
    just naturally... more »

  • In A Minor Key

    No one told me of the long nights
    or the solitary nature
    of one in a crowd
    the body ill conceived... more »

  • Man Alone

    The sun glories in what it does
    carnivore consume
    in nature's pursuit
    only man... more »

  • Moods

    Angels weep for me on certain days
    Women walk in twos and threes
    on jaded streets at noon
    pot bellied men trail behind... more »

  • Study In Grey

    Time waits in the shadows
    at the edge of sleep
    shrouds the enchanted lake
    ancient wisdoms... more »

  • The Game

    Come out of the sea
    remember to cover your middle
    brush the scales from you skin
    take two steps forward... more »

  • The Mischief Of The Light

    I saw two children in the light
    One was pretty, her hair was fair
    She flashed a smile so good to see.
    The other child was lean and dark... more »

  • The Pelican

    The Pelican meditates, motionless,
    His beak is buried in his chest.
    Like the city dweller, in the midst of throngs,
    He manages to remain aloof.... more »

  • The Wonder Of It All

    I feel a sense of loss
    for those who have no home
    who wander the streets... more »

  • To The Children, Wherever They Are

    Dawn ruffles the newspaper
    Coffee brews a golden anniversary
    We nibble on toast
    Separated by a common morning... more »