• Grandpaw

    I miss you Grandpaw
    You was my best friend
    I miss you Grandpaw
    Without you my heart can't mend... more »

  • If I Died Tomorrow Would You Even Know?

    If I died tomorrow would you even know?
    Am I friend or am I foe?
    Do you just forget about the pain I feel?
    This world's so empty; it's unreal... more »

  • I'Ve Been Dated And I'Ve Been Hated Since The Day I Was Born

    I've been dated and I've been hated since the day I was born
    Been down wrong roads where my heart was slowly battered and torn
    Filled with shame thought I couldn't go for no more
    God I was wrong and now just like an eagle I soar... more »

  • June 23rd

    June 23rd, started just a normal day
    But now forever in my mind it will stay
    Drinking, decide to go drive drunk
    I was feeling pretty crunk... more »

  • My Best Friend

    You save me from depression you saved me from drugs
    With your life changing words and your heartfelt hugs
    You're the key to my prolonged happiness
    You saved me from being lost in an endless abyss... more »

  • To My Angel

    Everything seemed so hopeless before we met
    The day we became friends is a day I'll never forget
    She picked my up when I felt broken hearted
    I've been without hope but she never departed... more »