Hi my names jac im 27 years old and live in uk. im love writing poems and have done since an early age. hope you enjoy my work and can tell me what you think. all feedback welcome.


Jackie Jones Poems

The Tunnel

Through the tunnel be wonder,
Battled with thunder,
And a journey through Time awaits,
It may be rocky,... more »


Why do you watch, whisper and stare,
Why do you act like you just don’t care.
Lend me your penny and I’l make you a pound,
I’l still be here for you when you head hits the ground,... more »

I Want A Man

I want a man to hug and hold,
I want a man to warm me from the cold,
I want a man who shows love and care,
I want a man just to be there,... more »

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Jessica Nash 02 Apr 2007 01:21
hi jackie! thanks for reading my poem. No 1 at school reli knows that i like to rite them..Well like sum of them so i like to. But none of them no that most of them are acully about me e.g The poem ' is it worth it '. I also love to write songs. Its acually somthing iv wanted to do all my lyf!