JV jackie vega Oct. the 6th

My full first name is Jacqueline. I am the middle child of three..My father and mother are both divorced and one happily Married the other one Dating.
Like in every persons life i have problems and i have bin through quite allot! for my age. And the ONLY way i know how to express my feelings is through writing..Writing Poems, Lyrics, or just pages and pages of my everyday life. I would say that if you wanted to get to know me Read my notebook lol..you will then know almost EVERYTHING...My notebook is my life literally [my life] just written all down...i consider my self a real down to earth person sometimes outspoken, here to listen to what ever someone needs to say, im very sarcastic and i live life one day at a time Trying to learn from my and other peoples mistakes..im not perfect! no one is and i dont intend on trying...=]


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