• Anything For Everything

    You may call me a fool,
    but that is only because I am foolishly in Love,
    You may call me dumb,
    but that is only because I am dumfounded by her majesty,... more »

  • Apathy

    A day, an apathetic existence, a powerful pain,
    A day, in the life that is not my own, control fought for,
    A day, a heart tearing day, openly bleeding,
    A day, where tears fall, where pain is evident,... more »

  • Existence

    Love alters our dry brief existence,
    While toward eternity we run,
    We live hours, days, weeks, centuries.
    Love ever festers, bearing scorn,... more »

  • Mind's Eye

    The past is in His mind eye,
    Never to be forsaken,
    Never to be forgotten,
    The present is in is his palms,... more »

  • Moment Of Time

    As the sun shines, the water glistens,
    As the wind blows, the trees rustle,
    As the sun sets, the sky burns,
    We walk, enjoying,... more »

  • Old And Young

    And they are there, old and young, dancing side by side,
    And they are there, young as old, dancing for a while,
    And they are there, old as young, dancing for the first time,
    The young, they teach,... more »

  • She Is

    My heart beats, pulsing in this ribcage which barely contains it,
    My breath catches, caught in the throat that has tightened,
    My speech ceases, for in her presence words lose their very meaning,
    Her words cause my heart to beat faster,... more »

  • The Crucifix

    Carelessly he moves,
    Careening on,
    Candidly speaking,
    Confessing his soul.... more »

  • The Dawn

    Dawn breaks and the sky awakens,
    And like the night,
    My fears and worries are taken,
    Nothing left but peace and love,... more »

  • The Shoreline

    Waiting at the shoreline,
    For something to appear,
    I have reason to believe,
    In fact I know your near.... more »

  • The Sky

    The blue sky looks down, mocking my very thoughts,
    the tears forming, burning searing as they run down my cheeks,
    traveling their path, landing on my chest, itself heaving,
    not knowing why I hurt, why i question, why is what I want to know,... more »

  • True Beauty

    Her beauty lights the sky on this midsummers morn,
    As the rays of the sun sparkle in her hair.
    The tears of frutration that sit in the corners of her eyes shall not be there for long,
    As in the end she smiles.... more »

  • Waiting

    She sits, watching, waiting,
    He sits, wanting to be there,
    She thinks of him, a smile flitting across her face,
    He thinks of her, a twinkle affixes itself in his eyes,... more »

  • Without

    It is in the darkest moments where our true light shines,
    It is in hardship that our true character shows,
    In our strength, our weakness dwells,
    In our pain our soul is revealed,... more »