I am nothing more than a person who write what i feel what i experience and what i know. Love is beauty in true form and endless as it travels across time. I enjoy write for me it is what is within my very being. I hope that some enjoy it and take something from any of them. Life is short and time is shorter so may all your adventures be breathtaking.

Praise be to God for the blessings and Gifts in my life


Jacob Courtney Poems


Your words are echos
that just travel down
drawing those who hear
near you. They brought... more »

Gortoz A Ran

I am waiting.

It may be many years before our
reunion but none the less... more »

Becoming Thankful

Its has been a long and tenacious road that
has lead me here. I have walked in the shadows
for far to long. I have been the enemy I have
been the villian to those who would do what... more »

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