• A Hearts Cry

    Looking at you on this day is the same as any other.
    We are born as enemies yet see one another as lovers
    meant for one another. Our souls inner twined born as
    soul mates. I still can not see you as an enemy to... more »

  • A Hearts Dream

    I saw you again last night in my dreams. It
    seems my heart just won't let go. It keeps
    bringing up memories from our time together.
    Why must my heart be such a pain why must... more »

  • A Journey: Part 1

    part 1 God is Not Your Fairy Godmother

    Who is God to you? It is a simple
    question that demands a simple answer?... more »

  • A Journey: Part 2

    Part 2 Action and Consequence

    I see so many saying God has blessed
    me so much cause He gave me this He... more »

  • A Journey: Part 3

    part 3 God is in control

    Yes God is in control. We ask how
    is that possible if we have free will... more »

  • A Journey: Part 4

    Part 4 God is Merciful

    Truly our God is an amazing God for He
    is forgiving He is merciful He is Love.... more »

  • A Journey: Part 5

    Part 5 The Battleground

    Being a christian is not for the
    weak or faint of heart. We have chosen... more »

  • A Journey: Part 6

    Part 6 Walk in Faith

    Walking in Faith is never easy
    in fact it is most trying part of... more »

  • A Marine's Love

    I must go now. That time has
    come. I don't want to leave your
    side but duty calls me to go. I
    shall always be here within your... more »

  • A Thankful Sinner

    A Thankful Sinner

    Dear God,
    Am I a fool? Am I a fool? Yes, why yes I am. I sit... more »

  • A Time

    There was a time when you would go anywhere with me
    There was a time when you would do anything for me
    There was a time when you would cry because of me
    There was a time when you depended upon what I said... more »

  • Absence

    Happiness ever moving ever changing day
    to day. No matter what I may try to do
    to keep in with in me it just keeps
    changing its direction constantly.... more »

  • All Hail The King

    This is my kingdom. I rule with an iron
    fist for I am lord, I am the highest
    power in this land. You will do as I
    say and beg at my feet. Forgiveness is... more »

  • Always And Forever

    ... more »

  • Another Day

    Another Day

    It was a day like many others that I woke up going about
    My normal things. I dressed for work told my family bye... more »

  • Beautiful Melody

    Let us walk out to the shore where
    the waves come to great us. Let us
    walk hand in hand under this sky of
    shimering stars. Shall we dance to... more »

  • Becoming Thankful

    Its has been a long and tenacious road that
    has lead me here. I have walked in the shadows
    for far to long. I have been the enemy I have
    been the villian to those who would do what... more »

  • Black Rose

    You sit in the garden away from the others.
    Your seen as an outcast hated and feared.
    In the shadows you have grown strong
    with long thorns that dig deep into the... more »

  • Break The Cycle

    Break the Cycle

    You could of been there standing beside
    Me teaching me what I needed to know... more »

  • Built On Sin

    This is a house built on sin built on all things
    unholy and yet it stands with no sign of falling
    or shattering. How can something with pure darkness
    be allowed to stand on this land. It destroys all... more »

  • By Choice Or Destiny

    Standing against a wall looking back
    on what brought me here. I know that
    this is where I would be when I was
    young. So why do I only wander why I... more »

  • Chance Encounter

    We mak eye contact looking from
    opposite sides of the room. We peer
    deep into the eyes of the unknown
    with thoughts racing through our minds... more »

  • Choices

    ... more »

  • Condemed Hero

    They leave me in a land of desolaion and despair.
    Instead of coming to honor my death they come to
    praise it. Justice is done they say but I dont feel
    justified by this. I feel betrayed by those who forced... more »

  • Confession Of Faith

    Confession of Faith

    I stand before you as a man in fear
    Of what has become of me a man who... more »