• A Friend That Is Unique


  • Alone

    Alone, all alone, ... I say
    Alone, all alone, ... everyday
    Alone, all alone, ... I cry
    Alone, all alone, ... why?... more »

  • Anger Fills My Heart And Soul

    Anger fills my heart and soul
    Anger takes a mighty toll
    Anger lessens but can never leave
    Anger you hope to never receive,... more »

  • Death Tonight

    The pain fills my heart
    My life begins to part
    Throughout me lonely life
    My soul shall live in strife... more »

  • Death Will Always Win

    When you think of death you say-
    Death please go, just go away... more »

  • Do The Deed

    Do the deed,
    Do it now,
    Wait no more,
    Ill show you how,... more »

  • Down In The Dark

    Down in the dark, it’s all in my head,
    The pain the sorrow, all of the dread,

    I want it to leave, but it wants to stay,... more »

  • Dreams Of Pain

    In a dream you seem to be-
    Alive and well- simplicity-
    In your dream, you fall and yell
    Flames appear- your now in Hell-... more »

  • Eyes Of My Angel

    When I look into your eyes
    What I see is no surprise,
    I see an Angel
    Holding a demon,... more »

  • Here To Stay?

    Life will end in painful sorrow
    When it does- there's no tomorrow
    But when I hath died yesterday
    Here is where I hath stayed... more »

  • If I Die

    If I die
    Don't be sad-
    Never be sad if I go-
    Alway be glad ... more »

  • In My Soul

    In my soul I can see
    There is an angel-
    Fallen; like me,... more »

  • In The Mirror I Stand

    In the mirror I stand all alone
    My lifelong purpose still unknown,
    In the mirror I ask myself why
    In the mirror I see myself die,... more »

  • Life

    If I live our hearts intwine
    I live with your heart-
    and you with mine..,
    We live our life as one and true... more »

  • Life And Death A Friend To Have

    Once I heard a story true
    Of a friend that no one knew
    Accept for me- and now to you
    So listen well- this tail untold ... more »

  • Love For Me..

    Love is what I want to find every time I look behind
    Or go to close the window blind I wish to find
    The love of mine-
    But in time I find and see ... more »

  • Never To End..

    Love is in your eyes
    Even after it all dies
    Even after all the lies
    Love remains in your eyes... more »

  • No Words To Speak

    In the night I sit and stair among the stars I see you there
    Without a word said to me I hear your voice- no empathy 
    Within the words never muttered uttered the words- 'your destiny'
    In this thought I smile up to you... more »

  • Pain

    Pain that resides
    Deep in your soul

    Overwhelms your heart... more »

  • True Love

    If you died today I'd be forever sad living worthlessly
    Though out my life painful sorrows of endless strife 
    Never to love again-... more »

  • When I Died In My Head

    When I see them all around
    I can’t believe what I found,
    I found the way to visit-
    Even when they’re dead... more »

  • You Look And Smile

    You look and smile, and act all sweet
    But no: your vial and my heart can’t beat

    I see the real you... more »

  • You Said...

    You said you were different 
    You said you would never leave
    You posed as my friend
    And made me believe ... more »