• Darfur

    March on, continue on dark one
    With your little poor black feet
    Pounding the dusty Earth in the black veil of night.... more »

  • Delineation

    Beyond parted velveteen lips
    A dilapidated picket of enamel lies
    Partly grayed by the Eiffel
    Mostly hushed by the violent sands... more »

  • Frozen

    Rancid remnants on porcelain
    Dust accumulates
    Pursuing the ideal-perfection.... more »

  • The Drowning Man

    Words like tattered sails
    Fail to harness air
    Or the faintest breath of life.
    The heart, left empty now... more »

  • The Prophet

    You were Mr. How-Do-You-Do
    And Mr. Holier-Than-Thou
    All and none of these personalities conjunct
    You worked inevitably, beautifully against me... more »