• A Ray Of Hope

    I notice the quiet as I take a breath and move out
    My boots crunching on gravel
    Guns rattling on my back, my side and in my hands
    My breathing feels loud in this oppressive silence... more »

  • A Walk With Charlie

    Inspired by Aunt Mary and Uncle Charlie

    We arise in early morn
    Darkness all around... more »

  • After

    The wind moans through brittle cracks
    A quiet scraping at the panes
    Outside a desolate, barren land
    And a solitary ravaged tree... more »

  • Anatomy Of A Meeting

    Voices drone in monotones
    Chairs creak and people sigh
    Pens scratch, papers rustle
    Some stare at the sky... more »

  • Angela

    We won't say Good-Bye
    Instead... we will remember
    Your contagious laugh
    So infectious we join in... more »

  • Babys First...

    (Dedicated to Autumn, Hailee and Wyatt)

    From the moment of their first breath
    We live for our child's firsts... more »

  • Birth Of Spring

    A flicker
    Darkness, solid
    All around... more »

  • Bittersweet Harangue

    I turn on the TV and what do I see
    Tons of disasters blaring at me
    Murder and rapists, bombs and attacks
    What in the world can I say about that... more »

  • Bus Trip

    Drifting past the windows
    The changing scenes
    All flashing by
    Of farms and animals... more »

  • Can We Fly?

    We rush to work.
    Hurrying, scurrying by
    A desolate playground.
    The wind blows.... more »

  • Cassie And Ian

    Cassie stands there
    Fair of face
    Kind and true
    Full of grace... more »

  • Childhood Dreams

    White and fluffy, sailing through the sky
    Images of our childhood dreams
    A fiery dragon, a pirate ship
    An angel with gossamer wings... more »

  • Cry Me A River

    Cry me a river
    Then sing out a song
    Go celebrate life
    After I'm gone... more »

  • Death

    Dark, sad, lonely
    No sound, no hope
    Empty, hollow echoes
    Even deeper, drawing down... more »

  • Deborah Ambrose-Mcdonald

    In Memory Of...

    The loss, the pain.
    Taken too soon.... more »

  • Éclairage

    Tick tock, tick tock
    Beats the heart of the mantle clock
    Its numbered face observes the room,
    At the moment, veiled in gloom... more »

  • Expectations

    Lonely, empty, aching arms
    Waiting to be filled
    The certainty of destiny
    That our fate is sealed... more »

  • Full Circle

    As I stood staring at the trees
    Devoid of color, empty of leaves
    I feel a great sadness and depression
    Could this be one of lifes' little lessons... more »

  • He Who Is

    You glance across the room
    You see him, you smile... more »

  • Hearts Missed

    Two women gone...
    But still loved
    But not forgotten... more »

  • Holidays Shared

    Marley watches from the snow
    People walking by
    Hands are full of gifts and food
    He heaves a gentle sigh... more »

  • I Wonder

    Vast, mysterious ocean
    What secrets do you hold
    An eight-legged octopus
    Perhaps a pirate's trove... more »

  • Just Like You!

    I glance down and smile
    My little girl looks at me
    In my best dress and shoes
    Red lipstick on her grinning face... more »

  • Kevin

    (Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend)

    Surrounded by friends and family
    I look around and wonder... more »

  • Life

    Love... Hate
    Friends... Enemies
    Two sides of a coin
    Flipped and caught... more »