• Little Miss

    While standing in the kitchen
    A little noise did squeak
    So I walk gently down the hall
    And in her room I peeked... more »

  • Lives Entwined

    Dedicated to Amanda and Jason
    March 15,2008

    In Wedded Bliss you can't believe... more »

  • Love Is...

    Knowing when to talk and when to listen.

    Knowing when to laugh and when to cry.... more »

  • Love Lines

    We see the frail old woman
    Sitting in the park
    Her face is worn and furrowed
    Her hair no longer dark... more »

  • Monterey Wildcats

    The searing sun beats down
    A birds cry shrieks from overhead
    The silence stretches out...
    Broken by the shout 'Batter Up! '... more »

  • More Than A Boss

    You listen,
    To facts, projections and goals.
    But also
    To dreams, hopes and sorrows.... more »

  • Mourning

    Long, dreary, rainy days
    Gray clouds drift through a troubled sky
    Thunder rolls across the fog covered hills
    A single bird sings... more »

  • My Friends

    Attachments made
    As years go by
    First friends, then family
    Laughter shared... more »

  • My Life

    A song by my niece Tabitha, Age 7,2014

    Walking down the street and
    I see you and my heart beats... more »

  • My Pome

    written by my niece Autumn Anthony, then in 2nd grade, with her spelling

    Easter Joy,
    Lots of toy's,... more »

  • Nature's Requiem

    Gentle breezes rustle the grassy plain
    Antelope herds graze lazily
    Under the setting sun
    A flock of birds pass calling softly... more »

  • New Life

    (for daughter Terisa and grandson Alex Zander)

    Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes
    You watch in wonder as he grows... more »

  • Nightmare

    A dragon flying through the sky
    On wings great and bold
    His shadow races ‘cross the fields
    And makes your blood run cold... more »

  • No More

    Deep, dark, dank, damp
    This dungeon of oppressive sadness
    Four gray, weeping, stone walls
    Slowly closing in... more »

  • Rosie

    It's time to celebrate a life
    That's spanned a lot of years
    Full of love and family
    Good times, laughs and tears... more »

  • See Me

    My family will not see me cry
    When life is harsh and desolate.
    They will see me laugh
    At the simple, enraptured pleasures of life.... more »

  • Senses Of The Season

    The smell of roasting turkey
    And spicy pumpkin pie
    The joyous voice of carolers
    And sleigh bells passing by... more »

  • Serenity

    Sun peeks, moon sets
    Scented evergreens sway softly
    Hushed silence, muffled footsteps
    An eagle calls from overhead... more »

  • Small Steps

    (To TC upon her graduation)

    Fearful steps
    Great unknown... more »

  • Snapshots

    We’ve reached the twilight of our years
    Outside the cold wind blows
    But on the hearth a fire burns
    And bathes us in its glow... more »

  • Snow Day

    Morning dawns
    Fresh new snow
    Excited children shout... more »

  • Sorrow

    I sit, I read, I cry
    The words dance in my mind
    Images flash through my soul
    And my heart aches... more »

  • Sounds Of Christmas!

    People singing
    Sleigh bells ringing

    Children laughing... more »

  • Spring

    It flows in slowly
    Like a feather on the tide
    Quiet, fluttering wings
    Soft chirps... more »

  • Spring's First Rose

    Tiny slivers of color
    Peaking through lush greens.
    Dew drops glistening
    On brilliant leaves.... more »