• Stone Heart

    In the ruined castle lies
    A fearsome dragon with blazing eyes
    Nearby villagers quake with fear
    That more loved ones would disappear... more »

  • The Eagle Weeps

    (September 11,2001)

    We cry, we weep, we cannot sleep
    The images embedded in our souls... more »

  • The End

    Sadness, loneliness, fear
    Fear of the uncertain
    Of the unknown
    And the devastating losses... more »

  • The Neverending Winter

    A new day dawns with colors red
    The morning creeps across the bed

    As I arise to start the day... more »

  • The Question Asked

    (To my husband Don)

    It's so much together, emotions and deeds
    Simple words can't begin to explain... more »

  • The Summer I Was Four

    Dedicated to Tabitha Marie Utzig, Age 4

    I slept with my favorite toys
    Went swinging in the park... more »

  • The Writer

    He sits and stares
    The paper crisp and clean
    His mind in chaos
    A torrent of words and sound... more »

  • Time

    Like two leaves
    Gently swirling, twirling
    Briefly touching
    Floating through the air... more »

  • Weep For The Children

    Tragedy strikes
    Our hearts break
    Blood and sadness
    Blood and madness... more »

  • Where Have The Angels Gone?

    They look down
    Tears fall
    Sadness overwhelms
    The deaths, the tragedies, the strife... more »

  • Why?

    Best friends
    Once close
    Drift away
    Why?... more »

  • Winter Blues

    Your eyes open
    You smile, breathe deep
    Of brisk, salty air
    You lean back... more »

  • Winter Magic

    A tiny snowflake
    Drifting, twirling
    On gentle breezes... more »

  • Yearnings

    The agonies of responsibility
    Weigh heavy in our hearts
    And fill our souls, our dreams
    With sadness, anguish and woe... more »

  • Zero Hour

    Red, yellow, white, brown, black
    Color doesn’t matter, everyone attacks

    Hatred grows with each passing day... more »