• Hope In Hell

    Heart pounding,
    like the steady beat of a drum,
    as you glare into the eyes of beauty,
    feelings bottled up inside,... more »

  • Over The Edge

    Peace, absorbed by the lush enviorment,
    the peaceful mind,
    raped by war and hatred,
    a war raged on for an everlasting,... more »

  • Ritual Of Friendship

    The peaceful chatter,
    ringing through night,
    like the talk of the trees,
    as the wind whistles by.... more »

  • The Bee

    You shiver and shake with the power of thousands of earthquakes as

    you walk on to the stage, as the audience blankly stares at you, searing... more »

  • The Departed

    The peaceful melody,
    ringing through the halls,
    as the church bell crys its mourningful cry,
    tears splashing against the pavement,... more »

  • The Night Prowler

    The cat,
    sleek is its steps,
    sleek is its moves,
    prowling through the night,... more »