Jade DragonHeart Biography

My real name is Chris Shriver, I am eightteen years of age, I will be nineteen March 6th. Jade DragonHeart is a nickname that I have derived from my book. I like to write poems and stories about vampires, werewolves, and other mythological creatures. I also write stories that deal with magic and other types of sorcery, depending on the day and what I have in mind. I like listening to country and other genres of music except for rap and hiphop. I like to ride horses and draw. I like to sing and dance. I am out of school now, I graduated from High School June 18,2009. I like to play games on the computer and on the DS, GBA, PS2, and Xbox 360. I find poemhunter.com to be another sanctuary for me when I feel I have nothing else to do in life. I like to read what other people have written for poems. Sometimes by reading something else, you can get ideas for something of your own work.