• Unhealthy Relationship

    You are the one I treasure
    Yet the one who hurts me most
    I guess it's the wasy this cold world works
    You're the one who saw some good in me... more »

  • Uphill Battle

    Our love is an uphill battle
    One I do not intend to lose
    Thought the journey may be long
    I am willing to make this work... more »

  • Waiting

    How can you expect me to just go on avoiding you

    When you were the thought that always filled my head... more »

  • Wasteland Of A Heart

    Here you see the wasteland of my heart
    It’s barren stark and lonely as a desert
    It was once so full of life and emotion
    Now it’s gone and never coming back... more »

  • Where The Moonflowers Grow

    I wish to grow closer to the darkness that only we know
    In it’s shelter is where our love blossoms
    Things that only the eternal night may know... more »