• A Candle For Us

    I write
    by candlelight
    I watch the flame quiver helplessly... more »

  • A Closeness Of Hearts (A Song)

    this is a new feeling, one I can't describe
    it takes away the joy I used to get from just being alive
    this is so revealing, this discovery of mine
    I cross my t's almost every day, but I never cross the line... more »

  • A Door You Close Forever

    are you a door you close forever,
    or should I leave you wide open...
    for possibilities to come as time ticks on?
    if I don't hear you leave, are you really gone?... more »

  • A Little Thing Called Trust (A Song)

    putting pictures up
    taking pictures down
    please give me a call
    the next time you're in town... more »

  • A Memory For You, I Don'T Recall

    I wish I hadn't ruined
    your chance to be happy
    what if you're like me
    and it's the only chance you ever get... more »

  • A Sighing Sea, Like Me

    flowing strands of glass...
    impossible unless seen with more than your eyes
    times that have come to pass
    reflect themselves before me as the ocean sighs... more »

  • A Year Ago Tonight

    today the hope returned to my eyes
    I couldn’t have been any more surprised
    I thought that it was over for sure... more »

  • Always How It Goes (A Song)

    if the objects in the mirror
    are closer than they appear
    then I must be so far from knowing who I am
    when I look into the glass... more »

  • Am I More (A Song)

    what a shame that on such a beautiful day
    I'm asking this question that will change the way
    you look at me, do you see anything at all
    I'll listen to what you have to say, but you won't always be the one... more »

  • An Unfamilliar Place And Time

    Sometimes I wonder
    Why I am here... more »

  • And I Hope That He Loves You (A Song)

    well I hope that he loves you like a blazing fire
    and I hope that he lets you have all that you need and more
    I really hope that he gives you the key to his heart
    and just maybe he'll give you the key to his door... more »

  • Another Chance To Leave

    I have scars
    from where I forced you to hold me... more »

  • As Long As I'M Around

    nobody can hurt you
    as long as I'm around
    if they try to keep you down
    I'll get you off the ground... more »

  • August

    August is the best month of the year
    we reflect on what's happened since we last stood here
    salt in our hair and our feet in the sand
    I wouldn't expect anyone else to understand... more »

  • Beautiful Nightmare (A Song)

    wake up- I want to welcome you
    to your worst nightmare
    where you have to hold on forever
    you'd much rather let go constantly... more »

  • Before You Die

    what is this fantasy that has taken over me?
    I'm half-asleep and I am half-dreaming
    that you are about to leave this earth... more »

  • Black In The Water

    there's black in the water
    and no one can see it but me
    I am the only one to blame
    pouring my heart out so carelessly... more »

  • Black On White

    the days that I loved and remembered
    are not what I thought them to be
    the days with him made me weak and tired
    now these days with you make me feel more like me... more »

  • Brought Back (A Song)

    crumpled-up letters next to yellowed photographs
    brings back the white noise of our fading laughs
    now that's what I call over
    now that's what you call love... more »

  • Bullet Holes

    let her walk away
    let her cry in the corner
    where she feels she belongs
    let her pull the petals of your rose... more »

  • But I'Ll Do My Best

    take me for what I am
    a heartache on this golden land
    and I could never speak like you can
    in a language only you can understand... more »

  • Call Me When You Get This (A Song)

    call me when you get this
    even if it's late
    I'll breathe to let you know I'm still there
    even if I'm in an unconscious state... more »

  • Chances And Probability And Me

    I don't even want to know what the odds are
    I'll either make it and be grateful or not get very far
    I don't even want to know what anyone but you is thinking
    let's just pretend it's 50/50, like we're floating or we're sinking... more »

  • Christmas Lights

    I hope I don't remember
    that I was on the verge of tears when I wrote this
    I hope I just remember
    what I saw tonight... more »

  • Cityland

    I've been in this scene so many times
    coming back to the very same place
    I see the world's creative lines
    etched into and around your face... more »