• Cold Fire (A Song)

    you can love me for all that I am worth to you
    you can save me however many times you want to
    but in the end, I will always belong to this lonely city
    in the end, I don't think I have it in me...... more »

  • Concrete

    Dedicated to I.B. and K.L.

    I rode with you in the city
    and in my mind I was sleeping on his shoulder... more »

  • Confidence

    you called and said
    you wanted to see me
    and you were walking up my street... more »

  • Contradiction

    I let the moon go through its phases
    strategically backing out in stages
    from a love that I could never hope to have... more »

  • Control

    when did this happen?
    my life is all about control
    not letting anyone into my heart and soul
    staying focused, staying on track... more »

  • Cover

    the afternoon sun holds my fascination
    and I can't focus on you
    how good of it to do that for me
    but it dries up the water... more »

  • Crush At First Sight (A Song)

    Note: this song is about the same person that 'Shallow Water' is dedicated to.

    you don't know me
    and in your case, more importantly,... more »

  • December Skin

    Written on 12/16/06

    you walk through the walls of my heart
    in past lives they’ve been shallow and cold... more »

  • Deep Water

    'Love only exists in the deepest corners of the soul. It can never truly be felt if it is only searched for on the surface.' -Jade Leven

    you take me so much deeper
    than anyone ever did before... more »

  • Destruction

    I fell asleep tonight not knowing what I was feeling
    if I try it’s almost like I can hear you breathing
    my thoughts return to all the innocence we left way back there
    and I wake up and I don’t know why, but I’m scared... more »

  • Distantly

    I wish I could smile and look up at you
    but I only sigh and look down at my feet
    so many times we’ve talked, so many worlds we’ve walked
    just to stand here in the heat... more »

  • Dreams Of No Tears

    he stands on the corner
    his face splattered with old hurt
    he stands out in a crowd of fast-paced lives
    moving in slow motion, lifting my curse... more »

  • Every Emotion

    I have never felt so much at one time...
    anger, sadness, love, jealousy.

    emotions are filling me up... more »

  • Fame And Friendship (A Song)

    To my friends... the question is...can I bear to leave you behind?

    I have always known
    my future lies so far from home... more »

  • Fashion Victim 101

    she said, 'Thank you for this opportunity, I think this will be good for me, '
    and she left them to comment and stare
    'Hey sweetie, you've been looking thin, '
    'Don't call me sweetie, and I know I have been, '... more »

  • Final Breath

    light as air
    slipping through my fingers
    love is gone with useless destiny
    and others that don’t matter... more »

  • Fire

    I want the fire
    to keep me alive
    without it I will suffocate in this atmosphere
    from lack of love... more »

  • Fish In The Water

    I didn't understand
    what was happening to you
    I was young
    but I should have been afraid... more »

  • Flying Home

    you’re at home after a long day
    you see the people that never seem to care
    you sit in the chair by the window
    and feel like a prisoner as the birds fly away... more »

  • Folds

    will my words continue as a story?
    will I remember your priceless smiles?
    you gave them to me
    I'll never forget... more »

  • For All Malice, For All Good

    only change could bring to sight
    what I have glimpsed, but not understood
    for all malice, for all good
    doom and pain within their might... more »

  • For Taylor

    *In LOVING memory of Taylor Hyer* who passed away on March 12,2007.

    it's been a whole year without you
    sometimes I wonder about you... more »

  • Forever And Nothing Less

    I saw it in your eyes
    and I think you meant it

    you might not ever look at me that way again... more »

  • Friday, 3 Pm

    I guess you really heard me that time
    when you asked if I was alright
    I guess you could see it in my eyes
    the cold and the fear of a starless night... more »

  • Get Away With It All

    I can't believe
    what I let them get away with
    it all started with her
    blackmail and manipulation... more »