• Good Intentions

    why do I feel you never hear me?
    I need it more than ever now
    because I had a dream woven into a fantasy
    when I thought that we'd make it somehow... more »

  • Goodbye In A Dream

    once I had I dream on a day just like this one
    of a girl that I knew in some other life
    I passed her on the street one day and I asked if she remembered me
    she looked at me like I was crazy and went on her way...goodbye... more »

  • Goodbye To Time And Space

    I finally closed the blinds
    so that my wandering eyes
    wouldn't find the neighbors' joyful Christmas lights
    sometimes I mention details... more »

  • Gray

    On a day when nothing matters
    the sky is gray
    but I can't say the same for myself
    I can live on after today... more »

  • Guess

    pages flying through the air
    records of our love and war
    can’t seem to shake it ... more »

  • Harder To Hide

    she's so used to being this
    something he loves to look at
    we all want what we can't have... more »

  • Have A Laugh

    my worry bites with pure precision
    something fights my indecision
    I’d hate the day you’d set me free
    I’d wait a lifetime for you and me... more »

  • He Says

    the eyes into which you stared
    told you that you're crazy not to be scared
    when everything familiar
    is falling to pieces tomorrow... more »

  • Hear Love

    see the girl in the corner
    the one with the notebook clutched to her chest
    see her empty, haunting stare
    it's so unfortunate, she thinks she's the best... more »

  • Her Life And Mine

    her life and mine
    are so very different
    she lives with hell and takes it
    I live with peace and still can't make it... more »

  • Hold Me Down

    you can tell me that I'm not good enough
    that I deserve to die
    that I shouldn't even try
    but you can't hold me down... more »

  • Honey (A Song)

    I wish I never woke up in love with you
    I wish you never captivated me
    if I hadn’t told you so much so suddenly
    maybe it wouldn’t hurt so endlessly... more »

  • How Right It Is

    Dedicated to, and inspired by, Caitlin Solheim, Kate McCarthy, and Erika Pages.

    don't hold anything inside you
    because I know... more »

  • Hudson Rain

    I think that you love me
    and I think there must be a reason
    because it's something like a fairytale to me... more »

  • I Can'T Wait To Get To Hell

    especially now, I need you more than ever
    because I can’t handle this year without you
    you’re something to remind me that it’s okay to cry
    I know never to doubt you... more »

  • I Dare You

    Note: This is dedicated to I.B.

    I dare you to read this
    I dare you to realize that it's about you... more »

  • I Don'T Even Know (Song For Seth)

    I don't even know
    if you're still breathing
    I wonder how you felt
    when you were leaving... more »

  • I Knew Your Name

    I wanted to comfort you and hold you in my arms
    I was constantly held captive by your unknowing charm
    but now I understand how your mind and heart work
    and I realized you're something our pain isn't worth... more »

  • I Know That I Can'T (Part 2)

    I swore to you
    he could never replace you
    as you replaced him
    although I don't like... more »

  • I Know That I Can'T (Part 3)

    if lying was against the law
    then I would never make it
    especially if you asked me how I felt about you
    I'd have to admit the worst of what is true... more »

  • I Think Maybe

    I think maybe you're a man now
    and I'm still just a kid
    because I never would have done
    what you did... more »

  • I'D Give Anything

    I'd give anything
    not to have this blood at my feet
    not to have this much regret
    and memories of grim defeat... more »

  • In Theory

    the basis for truth
    the borderlines of imagination
    something that is not known... more »

  • Inevitable Despair

    I don't think I truly understand
    the value of the pen and the paper in my hand
    or the gift of simply reminiscing
    and knowing there aren't any pieces missing... more »

  • Is He For Keeps

    the party's over and I undress in the dark
    the fire of happiness inside me has been reduced to a spark
    for once I get to feel just like you, the boy who never sleeps
    I'm confused as hell, so I ask myself: is he for keeps?... more »