• (so Sad) : (

    my heart is full of love
    like a little dove
    poor people get left in the rain
    it hurts them so bad there becoming in pain.... more »

  • , ..Summer..,

    my family was out in the back,
    while i was inside being slack.
    here and there everywhere
    i dident really care.... more »

  • Animals

    some dogs say they love me and others say they dont some chooks are kinda crazy and some pigens are kinda cool.

    one day i want to be a movie star sailing cross the sea to hollywood where they film and take pictures of me... more »

  • Clouds

    i saw the wind flow by
    as i touched the sky
    clouds and sun hot and cold
    it felt the clouds were all mald.... more »

  • Fire

    it was a very hard task
    to do tyte rope on grass
    my mum said to me
    dont fall darleen... more »

  • Jim

    There was a boy named Jim,
    His friends were very good to him,
    They gave him tea, and cakes, and Jam,
    And Chocolate with pink inside,... more »

  • My Heart

    my heart was gone and torn apart,
    my heart has been broke in half,
    my love has been shared,
    my love has now warned out.... more »

  • Rain Please Stay

    hello rain please stay,
    you know that you are my friend.
    rain wats wrong?
    i dont have enough water to finish the pen... more »

  • Read This Poem!

    read this poem beacause it will make you laugh,
    read this poem it goes deep in your heart,
    here and there everywhere,
    read this poem or it means you dont care,... more »

  • The Bogus-Boo

    The Bogus - boo
    is a creature who
    Comes out at night - and why?
    He likes the air... more »

  • Three Young Rats

    Three young rats with black felt hats,
    Three young ducks with white straw flats,
    Three young dogs with curling tails,
    Three young cats with demi-veils,... more »