• Forbidden Love

    life and all its obstacles
    out of all control
    trials and tribulations
    events effect us all... more »

  • Hatred She Feeds

    why does she thrive on unhappiness
    she seems to love the tension she causes
    leading on to emptiness... more »

  • Hidden Feelings

    you hide from your feelings
    you dont face the facts
    being cocky and arrogant
    i know its just a mask... more »

  • Keep Fighting

    rising up to the surface
    grinding me down
    like a tornado in my head
    it goes round and round... more »

  • Let Me Be Ok

    she feels like shes alone sometimes
    alone sat in her room
    theres noone there to comfort her
    when lifes all doom and gloom... more »

  • No Regrets

    she grabs my attention
    with the look in her eyes
    she makes me tremble
    with the hint of a smile... more »

  • Reminiscing

    New Years Day and you're not here
    I sit and think i shed a tear
    Two Christmas's have came and passed
    Wonder how long this hurt will last... more »

  • Sorry.......

    think im comparing
    think they're less
    wot they dont realise
    is i feel blessed... more »

  • That Girl..

    shes a good girl gone bad
    make you happy when you think you sad
    winds you up then, winds you down
    this girl never makes u frown... more »

  • The One

    i feel like somethings missing
    wont disappear from my head
    someone safe and warm
    to hold me in my bed... more »