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A nice guy, but DON'T cross him. If you anger him, don't be within a sword length of him! (His a sword) He writes some fine poems, some silly, some very serious. Bri :)
......Those who I care about I will wait for to the end but those who I don't I'll leave behind....... I am sorry John. Ashamed of myself I don't have a face to show you.Head-bowed swallow my pride knees fold. I'm sorry.
great poems. you are an excellent poet. i enjoy your poems and they invoke great emotions.
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
Fatal Self-Surgery has a punchline ending...love that!
i loved your poem. n enjoyed too by remembering all my friends......... a very nice n true poem
good keep it up! ! ! ! !
good keep it up! ! ! ! !
a very true poem......... its nice animals are very lovely and you described them very lovingly
Awsome writer and very inspirational. Thanks. keep writing!